Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Stadium Events Merry-Go-Round

The latest attraction in Video Game Collecting Land is the Stadium Events Merry-Go-Round. Anyone want on? Tickets are just $41,300.

A couple weeks ago an auction for a sealed NTSC Stadium Events ended on eBay with a final price of $22,800.

On February 9th a seller lists another sealed NTSC Stadium Events. This time the game is graded by VGGrader, a company who gives ratings on the condition of a game (Coins, comics, and most other rare collectibles have a similar rating service). And the asking price is $41,300 with a ludicrous Buy It Now price of $500,000.

Turns out this seller was the person who bought it two weeks ago. If you look at their feedback page the 3rd feedback listed is for buying the Stadium Events game.
Stadium Events Feedback

They wants to make $18,500 by owning the game for two weeks and spending about $100 on the grading service. Not bad work if you can get it.

If people continue buying the game only to flip it a few weeks later, eventually somebody is going to get burned and be forced to sell it for a loss. But it will be fun to watch the Merry-Go-Round from the sidelines until it happens.

Thanks to an anonymous poster on our site for doing the research into this item and giving us the idea for the article. Whoever you are masked commenter - we thank you.


Anonymous said...

looks like it didnt sell, too bad

but well your here, why not play the newly found nes game, The Great Gatsby http://greatgatsbygame.com/

Anonymous said...

I love this merry go-round! To be continued....

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