Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is NBA Elite 11 Worth $1,800?

A seller has a sealed copy of NBA Elite 11 listed for $1,800 on eBay.

The most recent sale was for $1,500 on August 2nd 2011 so $1,800 would be a pretty big increase in only a few weeks.

But when the game first appeared in the wild in February 2011 it was selling for $300-375 in brand new condition so maybe the game is continuing the same fast paced appreciation.

How Many Copies Are There

The big question collectors are asking with NBA Elite 11 is "how many copies are actually out there?"

As a reference, Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition also for PS3 has 200 copies in existence and recently sold for $2,000 brand new.

There have been nine auctions for brand new NBA Elite 11 so the game might be super rare and worth much more than Uncharted 2: FHE. BUT the game was never officially released and was never supposed to exist so we have no idea how many actually exist. If EA has hundreds of boxes of this game in a warehouse the game is only worth several hundred dollars at most

As a collector there is tons of upside to NBA Elite 11's price, but a much bigger risk too. If you don't there are only about 10 copies in existence then Buy, Buy, Buy but if you think Electronic Arts will release hundreds of these in some charity auction someday then stay far away.

What do you think? Will NBA Elite 11 be the rarest game this generation or will more copies show-up? Let us know in the comments below.


Travis Hendricks said...

I think the question: "how many are there?" is a very important one for this. I would personally never buy a game for that much unless I had a better idea how many of these things exist or for that matter how many could be made again. I mean come on, it's a sports game and those typically have the worst resale value.

So I guess my answer to your title question is, IMO, no.

JJ Hendricks said...

@Travis - You bring up a good point when you say "how many could be made again". I personally don't think there are any more of this game right now, but EA could always make more of them like Atlus did with Persona 2.

Persona 2 was only selling $90 or so and it was reprinted. There is nothing to stop EA from doing the same thing (unless they lose the NBA license).

Jason said...

Being a sports game that was supposed to have been released in 2010, with the year 2011 printed on it, EA would never reprint this. The game was an expensive embarrassment for them, described by EA's own CEO as "mediocre".

Check out:

JJ Hendricks said...

@Jason - good points. EA might not reprint because the game was not good and would be an embarrassment to them.

Anonymous said...

called back games not destroy yet.

Anonymous said...

Can you get an ultra rare exclusive platinum trophy from this game? lol

Pooop said...

what if you were playing it and 1 of ur friends on PSN saw?!

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