Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Use the Pricing Cart

How to Use the Search Box

  • Start typing the name of a game, system, or accessory
  • Continue typing to narrow the results and find your item
  • Use your arrow keys to select the item and hit "enter" on your keyboard
  • Or use your mouse to click on the item you want from the list
  • You can enter any part of the title if you don't know the complete name

How to Use the Console Selection Tool

  • "Currently Included" link - click it to see a list of consoles that will be included in the item list. Click again to hide the list of consoles.
  • "All" - click to select all consoles
  • "None" - click to deselect all highlighted consoles
  • Group Headings - click to select all consoles in that group, ie. Nintendo, Sega, etc
  • Individual Consoles - click to select an individual console

How to Use the Items Included Tool

  • "Total Value" - value of all the individual items added together
  • "# Items" - the total number of items in your cart
  • "Empty Cart" - click to remove all the items from your cart at once
  • Condition - change the condition between used and new. The price will adjust.
  • "X" - click to remove an individual item from your cart

How to Use the Pricing Cart as a POS (Point-of-Sale) System


mndrix said...

Cool. I just used it to price my game collection and it was pretty fast. It would be great if I could save a cart so I didn't have to reenter my collection again each time I visit the site.


Unknown said...

It would be nice if the cart could be saved. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

would be nice to be able to select Complete as well instead of just used and new... not many people have "new" games unless its current gen...

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - Great suggestion on the CIB prices. We have some other plans for the PricingCart in the future. We will roll this into the same development schedule. Thank you

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