Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Update to Listing Comparison Feature

Compare Ebay & Amazon Prices
We've made some changes to the listing comparison feature on our site. The tool allows you to compare prices and descriptions on individual ebay, amazon, and half listings with one screen (use this link to see a live example)

Changes to the Feature

1. Listings Grouped by "Used" and "New" - Makes it easier to find the lowest prices no matter what classification the seller uses. You can easily see the description for each item to find products with the box and instructions included.

2. Show More Listings... - If you don't see an item you want to buy in the first five listings clicking this link will show you ten more. You can keep clicking this link until you've seen every listing available for the item.

3. Hide Listings - See an item you're not interested in buying? Clicking the red X removes it from the list. The next cheapest listing will take its spot at the bottom of the list.

4. Faster Loading Time - The feature loads faster now. Users will slower internet connections will notice it the most but all users will have a bit of a speed boost.

After you've tried these changes to the listing comparison tool let us know what you think with a quick 3 question survey. We appreciate your feedback.


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