Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Now Showing Completed Auctions for New Items

The list of the completed auctions for an item on our site is one of the most popular features but it was limited to only very recent used sales. We added a new tab which shows auctions for brand new items and we can show sales going back half a year.

The "Completed Auctions (New)" tab is on every item page for video games and movies right next to the old completed auctions tab. If you see any auctions the seller listed as New but was actually used please click the thumbs down icon so we can fix these and keep our prices as accurate as possible.

Both the used and new completed auctions tabs show the 15 most recent sales going back 180 days. For rare items that don't sell as often this means you will see more sales listed than before. With popular items you will continue to see the same data you saw before this change.

eBay only keeps auction data online for three months (in most cases) so this change means that some items will show a message like this: "180674800247 (expired from eBay)". The first number is the auction number for the listing but we can no longer access the title or description on eBay.

Try these new features today (Chrono Trigger page) and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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