Monday, September 12, 2011

Super Rare Bangai-O Prize Edition For Sale

Treasure, the publisher of the shooter Bangai-O for Sega Dreamcast, gave away five special copies of their game as part of a high-score competition in Japan. The game is know as Bangai-O Prize Edition. The game is the exact same as the original. The only way to tell the Prize Edition apart from the original is if comes with a special sticker, two Bangai-O calling cards signed by a designer (HISASHI FUJITA), and a Bangai-O poster.

One of these five with all the special collector's items is available for sale right now on ebay. This is the first time the game has every come up for sale in auction. All previous sales were private transactions with no bidding.

The seller of this auction has 100% positive feedback but they say in the auction that they will not provide any history or proof that the items are legitimate besides the pictures already shown. The seller claims they didn't get any information like this when they bought it so they cannot provide it to the next buyer. A bit of a red flag, but definitely possible. Unlike art or antiques, most video games do not have provenance when they are sold so you don't know who owned it in the past and can't trace the item to the original owner.

It will be very interesting to see where this rare item ends up, but it is one of the rarest of the rare so it could fetch a very high price.

Let's hear your guesses for the final price in the comments below.

Pictures of the backside of the game, calling cards, and poster.


The game sold for $811.01. That is quite a bit less than I was expecting but still make it one of the most expensive Sega Dreamcast games.


Anonymous said...

I don't trust this auction at all. The seller went to a lot of trouble to basically tell you nothing. Seems fishy to me.

Elslasho said...

I'm wondering what the reserve is set at. I'm betting it's going to be extremely high, and I wouldn't blame them either. If I was going to sell something like this its either my way or bust.

JJ Hendricks said...

@unknown - I hope the reserve is met too. I bet it is rather high, but probably about $500 or so is my guess.

@anonymous - I was skeptical at first too, but the guy has sold other rare items before ($4,000+ PC Game) and received great feedback for the transactions.

Also, in the description for this item it looks like he had to deal with quite a few questions about the history of the item. So he probably decided to say right off the bat that he doesn't know the history.

You would think for $4,000 the guy would be more willing to provide information to buyers.

Anonymous said...

was just checking his feedback, here is one of his previous sales that went for alot of money..

Anonymous said...

ohh JJ already posted that lol.. excuse my recent comment sorry..

ccc said...

Bango-O new sells for $88 plus ship on amazon, so I think for a complete set I'd be willing to pay up to 200. Sounds interesting though so others might pay more. I'm betting and agreeing with the minimum of 500. :-)

Anonymous said...

Bids up to $599. How high will it go?

JJ Hendricks said...

I'm guessing $2,000 for this item so quite a bit higher. There are only five of them in existence so it could be a really expensive.

Anonymous said...

Fake? The latest games he sold had reprinted manuals according to his FB. Seeing as how the only thing separating it from the nromal version aren't attached to the game in any way (or shown ingame) but stickers it could be easy to forge?

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - It very well could be. Hard to tell unless the buyer could actually tell the difference and posted feedback about it.

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