Monday, October 31, 2011

Add Shipping Costs to Used Prices

The price shown on our site is the price for the item only, shipping is not included in the calculations (you can see our reasoning for this here).

We realize there are times when it can be helpful to account for shipping when looking at the prices so we have implemented a feature that lets you add the shipping costs to the prices.
On any product page, click the check box next to "Add typical shipping costs".

Clicking that will add the usual shipping costs for buying one item to the prices shown (eBay and Half add $3.50, Amazon adds $3.99, GameStop adds $3.00, and JJGames adds $3.00).

The "Used Price" increases by $3.50, which is the average shipping price for the sites.


Anonymous said...

I wish there were a setting in 'settings' which allowed to keep that checkbox checked.

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