Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Value of All Complete Video Game Collections

There are tens of thousands of video games a collector could buy. Many game collectors focus on their favorite system and try to "complete" it by buying every licensed game. Below is a list of what it would cost to "complete" each system. The price does not include shipping, unlicensed games, accessories, or consoles.

You can use this guide to help decide which systems to start collecting. When deciding between Nintendo 64 or Super Nintendo, you can keep in mind N64 would cost a little less than $2,000 while SNES would cost about $7,600.

Vintage Consoles

Atari 2600$9,127
Nintendo NES$8,814
Super Nintendo$7,583
Commodore 64$7,643
Neo Geo$7,418
Sega Genesis$4,526
Sega Master System$4,145
Gameboy Color$3,895
Sega Saturn$3,138
Sega Dreamcast$2,708
Sega CD$2,430
Virtual Boy$2,185
Nintendo 64$1,921
Sega Game Gear$1,505
Neo Geo Pocket Color$1,241
Atari 5200$1,174
Atari 7800$839
Atari Lynx$829
Odyssey 2$673

Modern Consoles

Nintendo DS$14,405
Playstation 3$12,401
Xbox 360$13,013
Playstation 2$10,230
Gameboy Advance$5,864
Nintendo 3DS$1,051


Matt said...

Ouch! The price of a DS collection... And PS3 is already more expensive that PS2? That's a very interresting piece of information (not that I was planning on beginning a complete collection of any system :p)

Travis Hendricks said...

Wow, this is a great idea for an article. I might have to try and collect the entire N-Gage system collection just so I can say that I own every single game for a particular system.

JJ Hendricks said...

@Matt - DS has a lot of games and quite a few of them still sell for near retail prices. Same with PS3 vs PS2. PS2 games have had years to depreciate in value while PS3 games have not.

@Travis - Glad you like the article. N-gage would definitely be an easy system to collect in terms of the total price paid. You probably wouldn't get much gaming fun out of that $276 though.

Anonymous said...

great idea. do these numbers also include the "holy grails" of the consoles?

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - the "holy grails" are not included unless they are a regularly released, licensed game. For example, Nintendo World Championships is not included because it was part of a video game competition. Hot Slots for NES is not included because it was unlicensed.

Anonymous said...

Just think how much money you have coughed up buying all those games as new releases. It's mind blowing.

Anonymous said...

Is this for complete games? Like CIB SNES games?

JJ Hendricks said...

@aonymous - It is for cartridge or disc only games. Not CIB (Complete in Box).

Anonymous said...

Hi JJ - I have a couple of questions to ask you...

1. How did you get these total amounts? Are these just averages from your list on game prices?
2. Since each total price is based on loose or used games, what do you think the total price for each collection would be if the games were CIB (Complete in Box)? For example, if the value of the complete collection for NES games are almost $9,000 - if all of the games were CIB do you think it would be double or triple times more?

By the way, I think you forgot to list Sega 32X

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - The totals were a sum of all the used game values for every game released for that particular system. We have the value for each individual game so we can calculate the total for all games.

I can let you know the CIB price within a few months. We are working to get our system to track CIB prices for each game. I will update this article with the CIB prices. I bet NES will be the most expensive by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting a complete collection cost of an original gameboy? Not the color, not the advance, just the original gameboy.

Also, a complete list of CIB prices would be awesome, though quite expensive XD.

collector said...

this is wrong stadium events which is an offical release for the NES is worth almost 7 grand on its own. I think you need to check your values again. there are over 700 NES games your price puts that at 12 a game which is way off. and that is only counting offical releases. unoffical releases added in and you are looking at almost 40 grand/

whisper2053 said...

Not to mention there are *several* Neo Geo games that currently go for more than what you're saying the entire NG library would cost. These figures are QUITE a bit off in some cases...

Anonymous said...

collector, did you even see the date of this article? In 2011 stadium events was only around 2500 so I would believe these numbers. Also, where do you get over 700 from? There are only 677 official releases. Give or take a few if you count variants.

Anonymous said...

Nuts. That´s all I can call this list.
Not even close to reality.

I´m glad the author forgot to list my fav system: GAMEBOY!?

His calculation would be a joke anyway.

Anonymous said...

Stadium events was not a licensed Nintendo product until they bought it then they rename the game world class track meet or whatever it was called

Run it run it said...


Unknown said...

We need an updated version of this..

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