Tuesday, November 1, 2011

12 Combo DVDs That Should Never Be Released

Combo DVDs with two or more related movie in a package are really popular with movie studios. Putting two or three second rate movies on one DVD and selling it for $10 each is an easy way for them to make a few bucks (See a few examples).

Below is a list of 12 combo DVDs that should never be made no matter how desperate the studios are for cash.

Thin: The Movie/Man vs Food

Thin is a documentary about eating disorders. Man vs Food is a guy who takes on food challenges all over the country. Both share a couple scenes involving vomit that are strikingly similar.

Sound of Music/American Pie

A movie about teenagers trying to have sex for the first time and a movie about a singing nun. The main characters are all virgins - is that enough of a similarity to warrant a combo?

The Hangover/Schindler's List

I'm not going to explain this one. It is just wrong!

Beach Party/Beaches

Both movies are about friends and have some memorable songs, but the similarities stop there. None of the teens in Beach Party has a care in the world, while the friends in Beaches deal with one tragedy after another.

Fight Club/Breakfast Club

Two very different clubs and two very different movies. I wish Joy Luck Club's first rule was "Don't talk about Joy Luck Club".

Citizen Cane/Gigli

The greatest movie ever and the worst movie ever together at last. Gigli should never have been released as a standalone DVD let alone a combo.

Capitalism: A Love Story/Atlus Shrugged

Michael Moore's anti-capitalist documentary about the failures of a market economy paired with Ayn Rand's magnum opus about the beauty of the markets and individuals. Michael Moore is strikingly similar to some of the antagonists in Atlus Shrugged.

Paranormal Activity/Bambi

Quite a few kids cry in Bambi when **SPOILERS** Bambi's dad dies but the scene with Bambi trying to walk soon helps kids forget. Paranormal Activity will give kids sleeping disorders and huge psychiatric bills for the rest of their life.


Beethoven is covered in drool the whole movie while Cujo is covered in blood. Sounds like the perfect combo for dog lovers.

Star Trek/Star Wars

Some people might think this is a great combo idea, but it would only upset fanboys of both series. It would also confuse the non-Sci-Fi fans out there: "What? I thought those were the same movie."

Blue Lagoon/War of the Roses

The "Romance Combo". Blue Lagoon is the quintessential "young love" movie. War of the Roses is a married couple trying to kill each other.

The Passion of the Christ/Rosemary's Baby

Depictions of Christ's last days before crucifixion and the story of a woman who gives birth to the son of Satan. At least they are both religious movies.

If you can think of any other bad DVD combos post them in the comments below.


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