Monday, November 7, 2011

539 PAL SNES Games Auction - Every PAL Game Ever Made

A huge lot of 539 PAL Super Nintendo games is listed on ebay right now - every single PAL SNES game ever released. There are quite a few rare games included like Terrinagma and Whirlo.

200 of the games include the original boxes and instructions. And the lot includes some promotional posters to top it all off.

This is definitely a great lot for any Australian or European collectors out there who want a complete PAL collection or any other collectors who want to finish an international collection.

The listing price is about $31,000 US Dollars, which is a bit high, but is generally just the starting offer in listings like this. I'm sure they would be willing to accept a reasonable lower offer.

Some pictures of the lot below (Click to see more pictures):


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