Friday, March 30, 2012

The $1,500 Xbox 360 Console: Batman Arkham City Edition

Xbox 360 Side 1: Joker
In 2011 Rocksteady Studios raffled away four limited edition Xbox 360 Consoles. One was in a raffle directly from the studio and three were raffled at the PAX Expo.

Each console was custom colored by ColorWare. One side features a black and white Joker with a hint of green (Side 1 Above) and the other side depicts black and white Batman with a hint of red.

I've never seen one of these sell before, but a seller is asking almost $1,500 for one of the four on eBay right now.

Considering there are only four ever made it might be pretty close to the actual price.

Xbox 360 Side 2: Batman


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