Tuesday, April 3, 2012

See Buy/Sell Game Prices While Browsing the Site

We already provide buy/sell prices for retailers in our downloadable price guide, but retailers told us it would be helpful to see those prices while browsing the site too. All premium retail subscribers can now see our recommended buy price, sell game only price, and sell complete game price while they browse. No need to download the price guide if you don't want to.

The used prices and new prices are the exact same as before but closer together on the page. Any user who is not logged in will see a message saying they cannot view the additional prices, or if you are logged into your consumer account you will only see the used and new prices with no promotional message. See the screen shots below:

Retailer's Logged Into Their Account

Collector's Logged Into Their Account

Users Without An Account

All users can now see the sales volume for new condition items as well.


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