Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Feature Roadmap

We have tabulated everyone's feedback and comments from the survey asking what new features you want added to PriceCharting.com. Based upon your feedback here are the new features we will be adding to the site and the order we will add them:

  1. Show New Condition prices to the Charts
  2. Track "Complete" as a Separate Condition - Used, Complete, New
  3. Show a Rarity Score for Each Item

Adding New condition prices to the chart will be a relatively quick change because we already collect the data. But we will need to change our charting software to make it happen. This will also allow charts to show up for mobile users and will give us more flexibility for future chart features.

The "Complete Condition" and "Rarity Score" features are much more involved and time consuming. They will require changes to our database architecture, changes to the programs that gather prices, and changes to a good portion of our website too. Unfortunately, because they are so much more involved we can't give a timeline for when to expect them to be finished.

While we work on these larger features we will also roll out some smaller features to make the wait easier. These include:

  • Tracking prices for niche consoles like Amiga and Atari 400
  • Adding additional capabilities to the completed auctions tab including showing a longer history of sales and showing the title of the listing even after it has been removed from eBay.

A few features we asked about were almost universally disliked so we will not be pursuing those. Most people didn't like the idea of receiving email updates when prices reach a certain level or having us predict where prices are going in the next couple months.

Thank you for all your feedback and continuing to use PriceCharting.com


Ebay Video Game Selling said...

I would love to see sell through rates as well as amount of competing listings on eBay.

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