Friday, April 13, 2012

Closing Forum and Starting Facebook Page

More than six months ago we launched a forum for our users to discuss video game collecting, rare games, their latest finds, and anything else you wanted.

Unfortunately the forum never really caught on as well as the rest of the site and we have decided to close it.

I want to thank all the loyal forum users who I have gotten to know during these last six months. It has been great hearing about your great finds, discussing the next rare games, and even seeing the odd pictures of goats and SNES lamps.

At the suggestion of our forum users we have started a facebook page for PriceCharting so everyone can continue their video game and movie discussions on the facebook page instead. Give us a like today and let us know your latest video game find and feel free to post your crazy photos too.

We will be spending the time we devoted to the forum binging new features to the site and writing more articles for the blog. There are hundreds of thousands of users who read the blog articles and find game values every month so we decided this would be a better use of our resources.


bry guy said...

eh, facebook blows.

xemiliotaylorx said...

:( I really liked having a distinguished place to talk about collecting here but a facebook page will help expose this community and hopefully gain some more attention from other collectors

Anonymous said...

The forums/blog didn't get much exposure. I mean, the blog is only found under the "About Us" section, which is akin to a help menu, i.e. never used, or at the bottom of the page, which is akin to the "This website kicked my dog, who do I contact?" area.

I think the blog needs a pretty big link, with maybe a symbol when something is new for the first 24 hours.

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