Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cover Art Added for Atari 2600 and PC Games

This morning we added cover art to our site for the vast majority of Atari 2600 and PC Games. With these additions roughly 95% of the pageviews on our site will show the game's cover art.

I think the cover art makes each page look nicer. They can also be helpful at times to identify games if you aren't very familiar with the title.

 If you see any cover images that are incorrect while browsing the site, please let us know so we can correct it.


Eric said...

Here's a couple.

No Image, Unable to search for game by UPC code even though it is listed.

Wrong Game Image

JJ Hendricks said...

@eric - I will add a bunch of images for newer titles and work on automating that process so we add pictures for new titles every week.

What UPC are you searching by? When I search by this UPC: 047875841147 it brings up the game. That appears to be the UPC used by Amazon and Ebay.

Eric said...

hrm... seems to be working now.

Eric said...

prototype 2 upc that wasn't working was -> 47875841154

JJ Hendricks said...

Looks like that UPC ^^^ is not enough characters. There should be a leading 0 so the UPC looks like this: 047875841154

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