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Skylanders Figure/Character List & Collecting Guide [Spyro, Giants & Swap Force]

Author: Evan Butler

Below is a complete list of the known Skylanders figures including Rare, Color Variants, Promo Variants, Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 figures.

Click the name of the character to see a picture and the most recent prices.

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List of Skylander Figures

Skylander Characters Spyro's Adventure (Series 1):

Bash - Legendary
Chop Chop
Chop Chop - Legendary
Double Trouble
Drill Sergeant
Ghost Roaster
Gill Grunt
Lightning Rod
Prism Break
Slam Bam
Sonic Boom
Spyro - Legendary
Spyro - Dark
Stealth Elf
Stump Smash
Trigger Happy
Trigger Happy - Legendary
Wrecking Ball

Skylander Characters Giants (Series 2):

Chill - Lightcore
Chill - Legendary Lightcore
Chop Chop
Cynder - Glow in the Dark
Double Trouble
Double Trouble Royal
Drill Sergeant
Drobot - Lightcore
Eruptor - Lightcore
Flameslinger - Gold
Flashwing - Jade
Fright Rider
Fright Rider - Glow in the Dark
Gill Grunt
Hex - Lightcore
Hot Dog
Hot Dog - Molten
Ignitor - Legendary
Jet-Vac - Blizzard
Jet-Vac - Legendary
Jet-Vac - Lightcore
Lightning Rod
Pop Fizz
Pop Fizz - Lightcore
Pop Fizz - Punch
Prism Break
Prism Break - Lightcore
Shroomboom - Lightcore
Slam Bam
Slam Bam - Legendary
Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom - Glow in the Dark
Stealth Elf
Stealth Elf - Legendary
Stump Smash
Trigger Happy
Whirlwind - Polar
Wrecking Ball

Skylanders Giants

Bouncer - Giants
Bouncer - Legendary Giants
Crusher - Giants
Crusher - Granite Giants
Eye Brawl - Giants
Hot Head - Giants
Ninjini - Giants
Ninjini - Scarlet Giants
Swarm - Giants
Thumpback - Giants
Tree Rex - Giants
Tree Rex - Gnarly Giants

Skylander Characters Swap Force (Series 3):

Releasing Fall 2013
Blast Zone
Blast Zone Dark
Boom Jet
Bumble Blast
Bumble Blast - Lightcore
Bumble Blast - Jolly
Chill - Blizzard
Chop Chop - Twin Blade
Chop Chop - Green Twin Blade
Countdown - Lightcore
Countdown - Kickoff
Cynder - Phantom
Doom Stone
Dune Bug
Eruptor - Lava Barf
Eruptor - Lava Barf Volcanic
Fire Kraken
Fire Kraken - Jade
Fire Kraken - Gold Dev Team Exclusive
Flashwing - Lightcore
Free Ranger
Free Ranger - Legendary
Freeze Blade
Fright Rider - Halloween
Gill Grunt
Grilla Drilla
Grim Creeper
Grim Creeper - Lightcore
Grim Creeper - Legendary
Hoot Loop
Hoot Loop - Enchanted
Hot Dog - Fire Bone
Jet-Vac - Turbo
Magna Charge
Magna Charge - Nitro
Night Shift
Night Shift - Legendary
Pop Fizz - Super Gulp
Pop Thorn
Prism Break - Hyper Beam
Punk Shock
Rattle Shake
Riptide - Green
Roller Brawl
Rubble Rouser
Scorp - Green
Slobber Tooth
Slobber Tooth - Dark
Smolderdash - Lightcore
Spy Rise
Spyro - Mega Ram
Spyro - Dark Mega Ram
Star Strike
Star Strike - Lightcore
Star Strike - Enchanted
Stealth Elf - Ninja
Stealth Elf - Dark Ninja
Stink Bomb
Terrafin - Knockout
Trap Shadow
Trigger Happy
Trigger Happy - Springtime
Warnado - Lightcore
Wash Buckler
Wash Buckler - Dark
Wash Buckler - Color Shift
Wham-Shell - Lightcore
Whirlwind - Horn Blast
Wind Up
Zoo Lou
Zoo Lou - Legendary

Skylander Rare Promo Variants:

Stump Smash - Flocked
Cynder - Purple Toy Fair 2012
Hex - Pearl
Bash - Blue
Gill Grunt - E3 2011
Spyro - E3 2011
Trigger Happy - E3 2011
Spyro - Chrome E3 2012
Hot Dog - Bronze E3 2013
Chop Chop - Metallic Blue Toy Fair 2013

Skylanders Rare Color Variants:

Crystal Clear Stealth Elf
Crystal Clear Cynder
Crystal Clear Wham-Shell
Green Gill Grunt
Metallic Green Gill Grunt
Glow in the Dark Warnado
Glow in the Dark Wrecking Ball
Glow in the Dark Zap
Red Drill Sergeant
Gold Prism Break
Gold Chop Chop
Gold Drill Sergeant
Gold Flameslinger
Metallic Purple Eye Brawl
Metallic Purple Lightning Rod
Metallic Purple Wrecking Ball
Pearl Hot Head
Pearl Sprocket
Pearl Sonic Boom
Pumpkin Eye Brawl
Silver Boomer
Silver Dino-Rang
Silver Eruptor
Stone - Whirlwind
Stone - Zook
White Flocked Stump Smash
White Flocked Eruptor
White Flocked Prism Break

Skylander Sidekicks:

2012 Skylander Sidekicks
Gil Runt - Sidekicks
Terrabite - Sidekicks
Trigger Snappy - Sidekicks
Whisper Elf - Sidekicks
2013 Skylander Sidekicks
Barkley - Sidekicks
Eye Small - Sidekicks
Mini Jini - Sidekicks
Thumpling - Sidekicks

Skylanders Items:

Anvil Rain (Empire of Ice Adventure Pack)
Sky-Iron Shield (Empire of Ice Adventure Pack)
Time Twister Hourglass (Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack)
Healing Elixir (Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack)
Sparx the Dragonfly (Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack)
Winged Boots (Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack)
Ghost Pirate Swords (Pirate Seas Adventure Pack)
Hidden Treasure (Pirate Seas Adventure Pack)

Skylander Levels:

Darklight Crypt (Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack)
Empire of Ice (Empire of Ice Adventure Pack)
Pirate Ship (Pirate Seas Adventure Pack)
Dragon’s Peak (Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack)
Volcanic Vault (Best Buy in the US, GAME and Gamestation in the UK Single Pack Exclusive)

See What Your Skylander Figures Are Worth

About Skylanders Game & Figure Collecting

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure first launched October 12, 2011 in Australia for the PC. It has since spread worldwide and released on the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, and Mac OS. It is slated to launch in Japan later this year. This title is the definition of a blockbuster and employs marketing techniques from several different series allowing for unparalleled success.

Activision has stated that they have already earned over $200 million in the US alone and are gearing up for a sequel, Skylanders: Giants. This game is redefining gaming, marketing, and collecting in one fell swoop. How did they do it?

Skylander Gameplay

For starters, it is a great game to play. It is fun, it looks good, and it is available across every major gaming console. The story is written by Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen, both of whom worked on Pixar's original Toy Story film, guaranteeing appeal to children and adults alike.

The controls are easy to pick up and the game is fun and fast-paced but long enough to allow for time investment and sentimental attachment. It has colorful characters and is a stark contrast to today’s video game market oversaturated with bloody, gritty war simulations. The PC version earned a 93.00% aggregate score on

Skylander Marketing

Activision has outdone themselves and everyone else in the gaming industry with the marketing behind this project. They worked with Nickelodeon to create a tour as well as heavily invested in their own website and web games.

However, the number one marketing ploy that they have utilized is an incredible media blackout on their shipments for figurines. Release dates are hard to track down and they do not even tell their vendors what they are going to be sending them. Each shop has something different. Some stores do have exclusives and some exclusive are later on revealed to not be exclusives at all. This combination of misinformation and lack of information creates an interesting mix and is the exact same as the marketing employed to sell Beanie Babies.

Skylander Collecting

Just how many figurines are there? This is a hard number to find, but there are 70 know Skylander figurines. That number includes all known variants, items, promos, sidekicks, and levels.

Collecting the figures is not just for completionist purposes, these figures often unlock something in-game. They are tangible DLC (Downloadable content). You actually have to buy them to continue on in the game itself. However, several of these figurines are simply rarer variants that function the exact same in-game as their more common counterparts. Nowhere on the box does it say that, though. All of this is just part of the mystique.

Gamestop has realized the value of these figures and recently started buying and selling used figurines to capitalize on the success of the title. If you want each of these figurines, be prepared to spend several thousands dollars.

When you purchase any color variant, you must beware. Only buy them sealed in their box. Anyone with a can of spray paint can create a rare color variant. That is why Activision has changed the variants to harder-to-fake versions such as clear or glow-in-the-dark to reduce the likelihood of forgery but you can never be completely safe. Be careful when buying these figurines. You can lose a lot of money with one fake purchase. All of the collectible color variants and promo variants are valued at anywhere from $500 to $900 each. Never pay more than $30 dollars for any individual Skylander figurine unless it is a variant. The Legendary characters are worth more.

It is also important to remember that this is not a stable market at all. Prices vary wildly day-to-day and something that sells for $5 dollars today can sell for $50 tomorrow. This will even out after the hype dies down but right now, this is a seller’s market and buyers should expect to pay a premium price to get what they want to complete their collections.
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Anonymous said...

Um now there is a transparent red drill serargent

Karen said...

Isn't there a Chinese Dragon?

Anonymous said...

Chinese dragon was never released it was in the poster or something but never made it to production.

Anonymous said...

There is a blue bash

Anonymous said...

hi there is a metalic silver spyro that was a part of the e3 confrence i think all the video game designers/produces recieved 1 as a promo gift

Anonymous said...

I have a
Sonic boom but on the packaging it says wham shell. Anyone think it's worth anything?

Anonymous said...

Camo is Chinese dragon.

Tygris said...

Walmart exclusive

Anonymous said...

I just found a Gold Flameslinger. Anyone want to trade?

Jeremy Blankenship said...

hellz yeah.. im looking for any of the ice and glowing variants.

Anonymous said...

i think skylanders is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can buy the Red Drill Sargeant online @ Walmart

Anonymous said...

I don't fully understand what the character colors and levels are all about, so I'm worried about duplicate purchases in different colors. I think it's very deceiving and clever.

I would love to see the collector posters. We have the original, but I have to wait for the giants. I saw guides for both games $20 each. Me want! Btw, I've noticed Walmart sells their figurines about $5 cheaper for the exact same giant. Too bad they're all flying off the shelves no matter which store you're at. I'm surprised they allow layaway on these! I'm box hunting now to avoid taping the odd shaped packages

Anonymous said...

I might be getting skylanders so the list helps thank you!

Anonymous said...

Is it easy getting shiny skylanders and how much are the rare ones and the basic ones?

Anonymous said...

We purchased the Skylander Starter Kit from WalMart. The character Cynder is light green. We noticed the picture of Cynder on the box is purple. Why the variance in color

Anonymous said...

To the above comment. The glow-in-the-dark Cynder is a special limited edition version that is only currently available from WalMart.

Jeremy Blankenship said...

ive got a stone variant whirlwind thinkin of partin with

JL Oiler said...

I have a silver pearl Sonic Boom I bought off the store shelf today because I thought it was neat...but I cant find pics or mention of it anywhere??

Anonymous said...

where can you buy darklight crypt

Anonymous said...

@JL Oiler I will trade you a Glow In The Dark Fright Rider for it?

Vinnie T said...

Is there a list of which Skylander Giant is rare? I see many posting had mentioned rare characters on the Internet. However in the local Walmart here in Columbus, OH, I am seeing those so called rare ones on the shelf.
I bought a Glow in the dark Sonic Boom today and a hot head. There are still at least 10 of each on the shelf before I left the store.

Anonymous said...

Will You be posting a list of the Skylanders Giants figures? Will you also list how people were able to get the collector color variants?

Danny said...

Yeah how do you get the variants which stores can you get them in?

Anonymous said...

Damian said...

This does need to be updated with the Giants since I got Legendary Stealth Elf at Walmart

Anonymous said...

I have a glow in the dark Warnado for sale, it is sealed in its box, in mint condition, if anyone is interested email me asap at

Anonymous said...

Activision has an Exclusive Employee Edition Holiday 2012 Prism Break

Anonymous said...

I do believe you are missing some...

Anonymous said...

Can you make a Giants list also?

Jonathan Norris said...

I have a Crystal Clear Wham Shell and a glow in the dark Sonic boom for sale on amazon. they are legit, I bought them to sell them. never been used and still in their packaging

Anonymous said...

Skylanders! I'm addicted to skylanders. I like it when the game calls me "young portal master" even though I'm 36.

Anonymous said...

what about flocked stump

Anonymous said...

Anybody know the Author: Evan Butler email or twitter ? Anybody have Skylander Spyro or Sklander Giants variants to sell at reasonable price please email me Thanks!

Brody Deelstra said...

I just bought a series. 2 flameslinger new in box as I looked at it the factory mixed up and put a bash card in the box. Are mix ups like this worth any money ?

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - To contact the authors for the articles you can click the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page.

@brody - from what I have seen online mixups are not worth anything different than the correct ones. That might change over time, but right now it isn't anymore valuable.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if you can still find the Darklight Crypt in store and if so which ones?

Anonymous said...

I have a silver sonic boom bought in a pack of three in the giants series any idea of the value?

Anonymous said...

Think that is what I have it is glittery to look at?

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - It should be the Glitter/Pearl Sonic Boom. There is not a silver variant for Sonic Boom. When out of the box, Sonic Boom Pearl sells for about $85-90.

Anonymous said...

Thank you yes it is glittery. I also have a silver dino rang. I have been very lucky because I have someone who works in a toy shop in my family and grabsthem for me.

Adam Jones said...

I am a collector of skylanders. I need to add a stone/granite whirlwind to my collection. If you have one contact me at

Anonymous said...

There is a Black-Gear Drill Sergeant that was a Wal-Mart exclusive. It appears on Ebay occassionally (I got one from there)

Anonymous said...

There is also a white-based whirlwind. It was a Target exclusive and sells on Ebay for upwards of $200.

Anonymous said...

You are missing Molten HotDog.

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - Thanks for letting me know about the missing Molten Hot Dog. I have added him in.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a tech skylander[ not Drobot] that they would like to sell for $5?

Anonymous said...

Great page! Thanks for the listing. I see you update when someone finds something you perhaps haven't seen yet...Need to add Scarlet Ninjini.

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - Thank you for letting me know about missing Scarlet Ninjini. I had added it to our website for price tracking purposes but forgot to update the article.

It is updated now.

Anonymous said...

They don't sell it in stores anymore so probably online

Anonymous said...

I counted the list and there are 138 Skylanders.

Anonymous said...

I have a spryo that is identical to the rare one that sold boxed for 750 but being new to the whole skylanders I can't find if there was a mass produced one that looks identical and how to tell them apart.

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - The regular Spyro that was mass produced looks identical to the 2011 Spyro, except for a special code on the bottom that says: L1115

Is your Spyro in the box or out of the box? Or does it have that code?

Anonymous said...

^ Is this Prism break rare?

Anonymous said...

Great checklist - would like to see a barebones printable version though that cuts out the comments, menus, etc.

Anonymous said...

4 new sidekicks coming...Mini Jini, Barkley, Thumpling, Eye-Small...basically miniatures of Ninjini, TreeRex, Thumpback, and Eye Brawl.

Steve Sutton said...

Anyone know if they made a Double Trouble Royal?

JJ Hendricks said...

@Steve - There is a Royal version of Double Trouble. I inadvertently left it off this list. I have added it now.

here is where you can find Royal Double Trouble

Steve Sutton said...

thank you very much

Steve Sutton said...

Would anyone know if you would need a new portal for the swap force?

Anonymous said...

I'm still missing the Giants Double Trouble variant from the IPhone IPod IPad. The one with the looks from Spyro's adventures serie 1, and the orange bottom from Giants serie 2 ( and the Giants game options) Great list !

Anonymous said...

If anyone has the following figures:

Dev Team Fire Kraken


E3 Gill, Trigger Happy, and Spyro

Green figures

Silver figures

Purple Wrecking Ball

It would be a great help!

Pawan Yadav said...

Also, reviews can be read here

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have Legendary Lightcore Chill (Not Blizzard Chill).... worth anything???
Also Glow in the Dark Sonic Boom...

BTW: FireKraken upgrade is a Chinese Dragon Parade Costume.

Mike Brake said...

Thanks for the list and information. I was looking for a CHECKLIST. Couldn't find anything good. So I made one in Google Sheets - anyone can view it and make a copy and then fill in their own data in the # owned column to get their counts!

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe people are collecting this crap, especially if you are an grow adult. Get the fuck out of your parents basement and get a job.

Anonymous said...

Some people are extremely ignorant. I have a job that makes good money (been there 16 years). I own my own house. Have a family. This game is awesome for family time.

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