Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nintendo PowerFest 94 Video

Here is the screen capture video we promised for Nintendo PowerFest 94.

The video was captured directly from the Super Nintendo using a Dazzle video capture device, Suite 10 editing software that comes with the device, an AV splitter, and several hours to get it all hooked up.

With this method the video doesn't have a reflection off the screen or show scan lines when the resolutions don't match.

I'm so close to breaking a million. If I don't die on Mario and I use the red shell to kill all the guys I kill with the star instead I should be able to get a million no problem.


mndrix said...

Well done. The quality even looked good in full screen mode.

How are Mario Kart points awarded? Is it based on coins? That was my best guess based on the final scoring screen.

JJ Hendricks said...

@mndrix - Mario Kart is coins collected times 1,000 plus a set amount depending on your place in the race.

Ken Griffey is 100 times the number of feet your home run was hit plus 10,000 per home run. I am still trying to figure out if hitting a bunch of 325 ft home runs is a better strategy then hitting some longer ones. The longer ones take more time to land before you can hit again. My guess is the optimal strategy is hitting balls down the foul ball line. They will always be 325 ft and stop when they hit the foul ball pole. This would be the shortest time between bats.

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