Friday, August 24, 2012

We're Partnering with NintendoAge, SegaAge, and PlaystationCollecting

Two weeks ago at the Classic Gaming Expo we met Dain, the owner of video game forums and collecting sites NintendoAge, SegaAge, and PlaystationCollecting. We talked about many different game collecting topics and thought it would be great to work together so all our users could benefit. We've officially partnered up.

They are displaying our used prices on their game detail pages and linking to our game pages so their community can see our historic prices, new prices, and price charts.

Users of PriceCharting can click the "More Details" link now displayed on almost every Nintendo, Sega, and Playstation game to see cover art, variations, screenshots, and more for games.
Checkout a couple of example pages to try it for yourself.

We highly recommend people interested in collecting join these site's forums. I've personally been a member on NintendoAge forums for several years and it is the most largest and most knowledgeable community of Nintendo collectors I've ever found. The Sega forum and Playstation forum are great too.


Anonymous said...


xxxJoshHawkxxx said...

Awesome, any idea how NintendoAge calculates/determines the rarity levels for NES games?

JJ Hendricks said...

@xxxJoshHawkxxx - Good question. I will reach out to Dain and ask him. My understanding is the rarity is based upon experience and wisdom of crowds. If people feel the rarity score is too high or low for an item they will let Dain know so he can correct it, but I don't think there is any formula or hard data behind it.

ccc said...

Nintendoage is pretty useful across a number of platforms. PS - I loved sonic 2!

xxxJoshHawkxxx said...

Interesting, thanks JJ. That makes sense though, it would seem like a pretty impossible task to get some sort of sales data for all of those older games.

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