Tuesday, September 11, 2012

At Least Two-of-a-Kind Now

The Red Sea Crossing that we wrote about two weeks ago has sold for $10,400, but it turns out there is a second copy for sale and maybe more.

A second copy of the game has shown up on eBay with bidding already up to $9,000. What was considered one-of-a-kind two weeks ago is now twice as easy to find.

The developer of the game also said at one point that there were boxes of the game, but he doesn't know where they are. It should be no surprise that a commercially released game had more than one copy made or it would be very hard to make any money on development. But it is a very real possibility that the remaining copies were destroyed or lost forever. Or boxes of them could be found inside someone's backyard shed in brand new condition.

That is the risk with rare game collecting, you aren't guaranteed the item will stay rare. Collectors are confident there were only 26 Gold Nintendo World Championship cartridges but Nintendo never officially said this. They might have made boxes of them and never released them for some reason.

Red Sea Crossing is a good reminder that a game might lose its rarity over time.


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