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15 Rare Sega Genesis Games | Most Expensive Genesis Games

The Sega Genesis competed head-to-head with the Super Nintendo in the 1990's and during this time hundreds of great games were released. A few of these games have become rare collectibles and very expensive in some cases. Below is a list of the rarest and most expensive Sega Genesis games.

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Rare & Expensive Sega Genesis Games

Blockbuster World Championships II

Blockbuster World Championship IINew Price: $NA | Used Price: $3,601 | See Current Prices

Blockbuster Video held a national video game competition at their stores in 1994. Players could compete on Donkey Kong Country Competition (see rare SNES list) or a Genesis game called Blockbuster World Championships II. The cartridge contained NBA Jam and Judge Dredd and gave a combined high score for your performance in both games.

The cartridge was never sold or given away. All Blockbuster stores were supposed to return them after the competition. A few found there way into collector's hands and are now very expensive.


Musha Genesis RareNew Price: $600 | Used Price: $135 | See Current Prices

MUSHA is a shooter in the same vein of games like 1942 and Gradius. The game never found a following in USA when it was released in 1990.

The shmup genre has a very rabid fanbase who are willing to pay top dollar for the best games of the genre. MUSHA is considered the best one on Genesis so it fetches top dollar from collectors.

Beggar Prince

Rare Beggar PrinceNew Price: $200 | Used Price: $140 | See Current Prices

Beggar Prince is a role playing game that was originally released in 1996, but never in USA. In 2006, a company named Super Fighter Team translated the game and commercially released it in the USA. This is the first Sega Genesis game commercially released since 1998.

The developer sold 1,500 copies by the end of 2007. More copies have yet to be released, but if strong demand keeps up there is a good chance it will be re-released again.

Crusader of Centy

Crusader of CentyNew Price: $109 | Used Price: $70 | See Current Prices

Crusader of Centy is an action heavy RPG released by Atlus in 1994. The gameplay is often compared to Zelda Link to the Past for Super Nintendo.

Every console's rare game list has at least one Atlus game in it. They published in small print runs and made games with enduring quality. Crusader of Centy fits this description exactly.

Blockbuster Game Factory Blue

Game Factory Blue GenesisNew Price: $NA | Used Price: $70 | See Current Prices

The Blockbuster Game Factory is an attempt at downloadable gaming before it was available on all modern consoles. The cartridge contained flash memory chips which could be reprogrammed. Blockbuster stores would download games using dial-up modems and load them onto the cartridge and rent them out. In theory, Blockbuster could have any game at any time.

Customers didn't like waiting a few minutes for their games to be ready to rent and Blockbuster phased out the concept. The remaining cartridges are collectors items.

Bible Adventures

Bible Adventures RareNew Price: $130 | Used Price: $66 | See Current Prices

Bible Adventures is a Christian video game from Wisdom Tree. You play through levels roughly mimicing the stories of Noah's ark, baby Moses, and David and Goliath. The game was originally released on the Nintendo NES and ported to the Genesis four years later.

Bible Adventures was not sold in video game stores, but could only be found at Christian bookstores. Many gamers never knew this game existed when it was originally released. This rarity adds to the demand for the game amoung collectors.

Action 52

Action 52 GenesisNew Price: $220 | Used Price: $46 | See Current Prices

Action 52 is an unlicensed, multiple games on one cartridge game. The cartridge contains 52 games, but all of them are renowned for their low quality and numerous bugs and even fatal crashes. The publisher advertised a prize for a random person who beat level 5 of Ooze. Unfortunately the game crashes at level 2.

Action 52 was released for the NES two years before the Genesis version came out in 1993 at a retail price of $199.

Spiritual Warfare

Expensive Genesis GameNew Price: $76 | Used Price: $46 | See Current Prices

Spiritual Warfare is another Christian video game released by Wisdom Tree. The game is similar to Legend of Zelda in gameplay but you are in the Lord's army and must save heathens using fruits of the spirit.

Like BIble Adventure, Spirtual Warfare was not sold in traditional retail stores but only through Christian bookstores.

Aerobiz Supersonic

Rare Aerobiz GenesisNew Price: $NA | Used Price: $45 | See Current Prices

Aerobiz Supersonic is a sequel to the original airline business simulator. You start an international airline and compete on different routes to complete an objective depending on the scenario. The game has real world historical events like the fall of Soviet Union and 70's oil crisis.

Business simulations are a niche market so Aerobiz Supersonic didn't sell many copies. The game is fairly deep business simulation and still popular today.

The Punisher

Punisher GenesisNew Price: $81 | Used Price: $41 | See Current Prices

The Punisher is a port of an arcade side-scrolling beat-em up game. It is similar to Double Dragon and Final Fight, but you play as the Punisher and defeat Punisher comic characters.

The Genesis was the only home console to receive this game but it still sold poorly and is quite rare.


Sparkster Rare GenesisNew Price: $105 | Used Price: $38 | See Current Prices

Sparkster is a sequel to Rocket Knight Adventures. The game is a 2D platformer and continues the plot of the original game. The SNES game with the same name does not use the same plot line.

Sparkster is rare and a well made game as well. Both factors increase the value of the game.

John Madden Football '93 Championship Edition

Madden 93 Championship EditionNew Price: $NA | Used Price: $35 | See Current Prices

The 1993 version of John Madden Football was simply an update of the '92 version with a few minor updates like more teams, coin tosses, and no-huddle offense. The Championship Edition was released after the standard 93 version with teams from 1966 to 1991, instead of using all 1992 teams.

The Championship Edition was also a rental exclusive. Because it was only sold at rental stores after it was rented, the box and instructions are very hard to find and sell for a big premium.

Blockbuster Game Factory Green

Game Factory GreenNew Price: $NA | Used Price: $31 | See Current Prices

The Green Blockbuster Game Factory cartridge was the exact same as the Blue version, the only difference was the color and the amount of Flash memory available on the cartridges.

Some Game Factory cartridges will still have games loaded on them from when they were originally used at Blockbuster. The game loaded doesn't seem to change the value at all.

Master of Monsters

Master MonstersNew Price: $122 | Used Price: $30 | See Current Prices

Master of Monsters is a turn-based strategy game. You move monsters around a board made of hexagonal tiles and try to defeat the opposing player. The game has some RPG elements too like upgrading units and magic.

Master of Monster for Genesis sold well enough to warrant a sequel on the Sega Saturn, but is still relatively hard to find.

Splatterhouse 2

Expensive Splatterhouse 2New Price: $80 | Used Price: $30 | See Current Prices

Splatterhouse is one of the first games in the horror genre of video games. The game is a side scrolling beat-em up but features more gore and violence than typical games. Each level ends with a battle with a grotesque boss battle.

In the 90's when the Splatterhouse series was released, the images and violence in the game were considered shocking. The game is considered fairly tame by today's standards.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

Moonwalker GenesisNew Price: $100 | Used Price: $28 | See Current Prices

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is an action game featuring Michael Jackson. You defeat enemies with dance moves. The game was a Sega home console exclusive but was released in arcades as well.

Moonwalker prices shot up to as high as $130 for a few days after Michael Jackson's death in 2009. Prices quickly came back down to the $30-40 range but are still higher than they were prior to Jackson's death.

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Danny Porcaro said...

If Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is listed as the most popular Genesis game at $43, why isn't it listed in the most expensive games? There are six other games on that list that cost less than Moonwalker.

JJ Hendricks said...

Thanks for that correction Danny Porcaro. It was a mistake on our part and I have corrected it now.

Unknown said...

Freaking awesome I have a boxed copy of mutant league hockey with instruction manual and the original poster included for free with the game. And I got it from a buddy for free. Score!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Phantasy Star IV and Streets of Rage 3 pretty rare? Why aren't they on the list? Also, Comix Zone is really innovative shouldn't that be on the most popular?

Anonymous said...

trying to find a list for rare list for genesis uk megadrive please help thanks louis

Anonymous said...

How does being "innovative" make something popular? Your logic is flawed.

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - Not sure what you mean by innovative? I didn't claim anything was innovative in the article. The list of the most popular games was based upon the traffic each page receives on our site.

Anonymous said...

how come contra hard corps wasn't on that list?

Peter said...

I've been looking around, but haven't found much data on Global Gladiators. Any available price comparison for this game, perhaps?

JJ Hendricks said...

@Peter - Global Gladiators is not worth much. You can see our price history for it and see it sells for about $0.50 to $0.99 in used condition.

Anonymous said...

What about Sega megaman willy wars??? its priced at 250 dollars and more on ebay. i got one buy the way...

ccc said...

Sega Genesis is so under the radar. I had one and loved it. I'd add Herzog Zwei, so hard to find its gotta be in the 40+ range.

JJ Hendricks said...

@ccc - You are definitely right that Herzog Zwei is an expensive one. It just missed the cut-off for making the top 15, but is very close behind at $23.

Anonymous said...

I thought having a rare game on the Blockbuster Game Factory cart would increase the value.

JJ Hendricks said...

@darkstone - We probably can't say definitively what would happen to the price if a really rare game were on the Game Factory carts. I've never heard of another game on this list being on one of the Game Factory cartridges, but I guess that would be like a 2-in-1 rare game. It might increase the value, but I have never seen it.

Port said...

The reason why Punisher is worth so much is the tattoo that was packing in.

Basically what happened is, many years ago, bidding wars would erupt over people fighting over a copy with the tattoo. Due to ignorance, people assumed the game itself was hard to find and therefore expensive. It steamrolled from there.

It has nothing to do with the game 'selling poorly' as that's just hearsay that explains something that you couldn't explain otherwise. :P

JJ Hendricks said...

@Port - Thanks for your comment. The tattoo pack-in is interesting to know about. I hadn't heard that before.

I've been selling Sega Genesis games for 13 years and I have only sold 15 "The Punisher" games during that entire time. (I've sold 590 Sonic 2's during this same time period as a comparison). It might not be as rare as other titles but it is far from common.

Adam484 said...

The unlicensed Double Dragon sells for quite a bit especially complete in good condition.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the Olympic stadium game up there? I saw one sell for really high

Unknown said...

The John Madden Championship must not be too rare in and of itself, I am assuming the complete box is why it makes it rare. I say this because I just found two copies at an old music store without the box for a dollar each. Maybe I'll just sit on them a while

Anonymous said...

I found double Dragon complete how much is it worth

john said...

Reading this list and other similar price lists gives me a new appreciation for my time as a blockbuster store manager

Anonymous said...

FATAL FURY 2 Sega Mega Drive rare game for sale

Unknown said...

FATAL FURY 2 Sega Mega Drive rare game for sale

Rod said...

these prices on this page sound like so dreamy when you know the madness around retro now ... wow.

Anonymous said...

I just picked up a copy of madden 93 sealed inbox limited edition first release long box...i was wondering is this rarer because this is the first plastic boxes used by ea sports. the same version is released in cardboard but is not a first release. anyone have any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I have an action 52 game and I would love to sell it in used condition but I refuse to sell on eBay and those kinds of sites. And I live in wy are there any places around or close to wy that would buy my used games and system everything still works. I also am the only owner if that helps.

Unknown said...

What about super tecmo bowl three final eddition?

dropsheduces said...

Hey does any one know about a arcade style shooting game that takes place in one room, with four doors-one on each side wall that lets soldiers out that you shoot? Any idea of a name of this game?

Unknown said...

I think it is SMASH T.V.

Unknown said...

What tv the in limo that has a Jacuzzi wit two girls in it

EnthusiasticGamer said...

Ranger-X was a unique Sega Genesis title as you were a robot and had a motorcycle like vehicle that was with you at all times. You'd use different weapons you'd get and the levels become more challenging as the game went on. I used to own this title, and now it's becoming a rarity.

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