Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Buy & Sell Prices for Loose, Complete, and New Condition Games

If you are a video game retailer with a paid account you see our recommended buy and sell prices for every game while you browse our site. With the addition of Complete CIB pricing, we updated our recommendations to show a buy and sell price for loose, complete, and new condition items.

The additional data makes it easy for you to know what to pay and charge for everything that comes into your store.

The data is displayed in a new layout as well which makes it easier to read and improves visibility on mobile devices.

If you want to see these prices, create an account and pay for a one-day pass for as little as $19.99. Monthly subscriptions are $49.99 and give you continuous access to the buy and sell prices while browsing the site.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Alot of good improvements. Thx

Anonymous said...

$20 for a one day sneak peak? I get raped in fees far better at my bank.

Anonymous said...

A new copy of sculptures cut the manual just made the eBay auction again. This time claiming its in better condition than the last copy and has already fetched an $800.00 bid with 9 days left. That guy cornering the sculpture s cut market better put his wallet away and go see about a loan!!! Pretty excited to see where this one ends up and for how much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. This good be interesting how long he plans to keep this up.

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