Friday, April 26, 2013

The $1,125 Instruction Manual | ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut for N64

Any game worth more than $1,100 would be very close to making our list of the most expensive video games of all time. But that much for just the instruction manual? That would be a record as far as I know.

An instruction manual for ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut recently sold for $1,125!

Why would someone pay so much for this particular instruction manual?

First of all the game is one of the more rare titles for Nintendo 64. ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut was a Blockbuster exclusive.

Anyone who rented games at Blockbuster remembers you usually received just the game in your rental box. The store would usually throw away the box and instructions. Or instructions that were included quickly got destroyed by customers. Instruction manuals for all Blockbuster exclusives are much more rare than manuals for regular games.

Interested to know how much the ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut box sells for? There is an auction for one on eBay right now with a current price of $720.


PBR Light said...

How hard will it be to create a reproduction of this? Watch out for the repros on ebay now that this was so expensive

Anonymous said...

I don't believe for a second that this sale was legit, meaning the person who clicked the "buy it now" button had no intention of paying for the item. The reason I say this is because even complete copies of this game have not even come close to that amount.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense that some boxes and instructions are worth more than the game. But this is nuts.

Anonymous said...

Actually a CIB copy of this game recently sold for $2000 dollars. I actually got the game at a goodwill for 2.99 loose cartridge and I recently purchased the box by it self for $500.00 dollars on ebay. I actually almost bid on this same manual as well but that price was insane. The last manual to sell before this was with a copy of the game and it only went for a little over $200 so I passed on this manual. But lets just hope for my sake I did not screw up passing on it. I am going for a CIB N64 collection so I could easily see this item getting jacked up in price as it is a high valued item in the eyes of a collector. If I have the whole collection and I am just missing this manual I can see my self paying this amount as well but I am defiantly not looking forward to it. I am by no means rich.

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - The most recent CIB price was in Dec 2012 and was for $2,000.

The game sells for about $175, which leaves about $800 for just the box, which is almost exactly what the box alone sold for this past weekend.

I'm pretty confident the price is accurate.

Plus there wasn't just one person bidding to that price. Someone else was willing to pay $1,100 (the next highest bid).

Dave W said...

I really don't believe that any N64 game warrants this kind of price, loose or complete. People are getting really insane with this.

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