Monday, October 14, 2013

Skylanders Swap Force Figure Check List

Skylanders Swap Force, the third game in the Skylanders series, releases October 15th 2013. The list of figures available for Swap Force are listed below. Use the checkbox to keep track of which figures you already have.

As more Swap Force figures are announced and rare variants are found they will be added to this page.

See the list of all Skylanders Figures or price guides for Skylanders.

Skylanders Swap Force Figure Check List

Skylander Swap Force Figures
Blast Zone
Blast Zone Dark
Boom Jet
Bumble Blast
Bumble Blast - Lightcore
Bumble Blast - Jolly
Chill - Blizzard
Chop Chop - Twin Blade
Chop Chop - Green Twin Blade
Countdown - Lightcore
Countdown - Kickoff
Cynder - Phantom
Doom Stone
Dune Bug
Eruptor - Lava Barf
Eruptor - Lava Barf Volcanic
Fire Kraken
Fire Kraken - Jade
Fire Kraken - Gold Dev Team Exclusive
Flashwing - Lightcore
Free Ranger
Free Ranger - Legendary
Freeze Blade
Fright Rider - Halloween
Gill Grunt
Grilla Drilla
Grim Creeper
Grim Creeper - Lightcore
Grim Creeper - Legendary
Hoot Loop
Hoot Loop - Enchanted
Hot Dog - Fire Bone
Jet-Vac - Turbo
Magna Charge
Magna Charge - Nitro
Night Shift
Night Shift - Legendary
Pop Fizz - Super Gulp
Pop Thorn
Prism Break - Hyper Beam
Punk Shock
Rattle Shake
Riptide - Green
Roller Brawl
Rubble Rouser
Scorp - Green
Slobber Tooth
Slobber Tooth - Dark
Smolderdash - Lightcore
Spy Rise
Spyro - Mega Ram
Spyro - Dark Mega Ram
Star Strike
Star Strike - Lightcore
Star Strike - Enchanted
Stealth Elf - Ninja
Stealth Elf - Dark Ninja
Stink Bomb
Terrafin - Knockout
Trap Shadow
Trigger Happy
Trigger Happy - Springtime
Warnado - Lightcore
Wash Buckler
Wash Buckler - Dark
Wash Buckler - Color Shift
Wham-Shell - Lightcore
Whirlwind - Horn Blast
Wind Up
Zoo Lou
Zoo Lou - Legendary

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