Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Video Game Winners and Losers: October 2013

Every month we write an article with a list of some of the games with the biggest increase and decrease in price. We call the series "Winners & Losers".

Winners: Video Games With Biggest Price Increase

More Winners
Fatal Fury
Side Pocket
Sword of Vermilion
Little Nemo: Dream Master
Mega Man 8
MechWarrior 3050
Chuck Rock

Losers: Video Games With Biggest Price Decrease

More Losers
Care Bears Care Quest for GBA
Yoshi's Island DS for DS
Wonder Pets Save the Animals for DS
Mario Party 8 for Wii
Monopoly for PS3


The list is made up of the games with the biggest change in price compared its average price in the last two years. We use the standard deviation for the prices to eliminate games that naturally have volatile prices.

For example, a game has an average price of $10 and a standard deviation in this price of $1. 96% of the time prices will be within $8 and $12. If during the next three months the price jumps to $14, then $15, and $16 after that we can be very confident the price increase is statistically significant.


LloydChristmas said...

Super Pitfall is surprising, I guess everyone wants to know why this game gets such a bad rap.

Anonymous said...

Lol I guess so!

Anonymous said...

Why haven't you updated any of the console charts for two months?

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - Thanks for letting us know about this problem. The charts were being updated, but I forgot one small change on the website to make those changes visible. I made that change and you can now see the prices with September and October included.

Anonymous said...

@JJ Hendricks

Thanks. Also, holy flatline SNES prices, Batman!

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