Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 Rare & Crazy Video Game Controllers

Author: Quincy Pringle

Zelda Nubytech Controller

This licensed GameCube controller is a nonfunctional prototype. Created by Nubytech during the development of Twilight Princess in 2005. It was designed by a Nubytech employee by the name of Alfredo Tato.

This thing is crazy: not only does it have a shield in the center, but it also has a buckled leather vambrace. Only two of these were ever known to have been created, and only one is known to be in circulation. Back in 2012, one of them sold on eBay for $2,500. It’s most likely in the hands of a diehard collector, but if you see this floating around it is a must purchase simply for the rarity and value.

Sega Genesis Prototype Controller
This controller was a prototype created by Sega for the Genesis/Megadrive system. It featured a plastic center that the buttons and d-pad could be removed from, in order to facilitate a left or right handed player. The design looks very uncomfortable and I’m glad that they didn’t use it.

It popped up on eBay from a seller who reportedly received it from an ex-Sega employee. However, the auction has since been taken down which unfortunately takes away from the details. Regardless, this is an important piece of Sega history and is undoubtedly worth a lot of money.

Resident Evil 4 GameCube Chainsaw Controller
Another Nubytech GameCube controller. This device was created for the release of Resident Evil 4. While not as rare as some of the other controllers on this list, it bears mentioning simply due to its appearance and notoriety. It has to be seen to be believed.

Sporting bloodstains, a prop blade, and a matching stand, this rare and twisted piece of hardware is an amazing example of form over function. It pops up semi-frequently on eBay and typically sells for anywhere between $100-300.

Wu-Tang PS1 Controller
This controller shaped like the Wu-Tang Clan symbol(!) was made to commemorate the release of 1999’s Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style by Activision. While the game itself was not so great, the controller is pure class.

Look at it. Bask in its glory. Unfortunately, it handles like a drunken grandma and the controller itself is painful to use. In addition, the plastic used is pretty cheap quality and the controllers have been known to malfunction as a result. Despite the flaws, the controller usually run for anywhere from $60-$100 on eBay and tend to appear rather infrequently.

NES Arkanoid Vaus Controller
When Arkanoid was released on the NES back in 1986, it came packaged with this controller. Interestingly enough, neither the controller nor the game could be bough separately. Unlike the rest of the controllers on this list, it is extremely functional and works very well for its intended purpose. The knob lets the player control the paddle in the game at various speeds in order to improve the gameplay.

Its form is very unique from other NES accessories, featuring the aforementioned paddle and a button to allow for menus navigation and gameplay purposes. These controllers consistently sell in the $50-100 range and pop up on a fairly regular basis despite being rather rare.


Anonymous said...

" was a shameless knock-off of Power Stone..."

How so? The dates of release were in the same year according to Gamefaqs, and the fighting engine in Wu-Tang Shaolin Style was from Thrill Kill, a game cancelled in 1998.

Quincy Pringle said...

Oh snap, my mistake entirely. I watched the gameplay and read various discussions about it where the Power Stone connection had been made, and it seems I missed that information entirely. Extremely sorry for the inaccuracy.

Unknown said...

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