Monday, December 21, 2015

How Star Wars Force Awakens Increases Star Wars Video Game Prices

From $8.00 to $19.84

From $13.90 to $34.97

From $14.15 to $23.25

Star Wars Force Awakens broke box office records in it's opening weekend. All these rejuvenated Star Wars fans and new Star Wars fans are buying lots of Star Wars video games too.

The average Star Wars console game increased 20% in the last two months.

Some consoles - like Xbox 360, Xbox, PS3, and PS2 - saw even bigger price spikes in their Star Wars games. While other consoles like Gamecube, Wii, and PS1 saw slight price decreases.

The biggest increases were the PS2 and Xbox Battlefront and Battlefront II games. Along with the Star Wars Force Unleashed game for Xbox 360.

Below are some other notable Star Wars games and their prices over time.

From $33.37 to $48.59

From $7.93 to $15.25

From $4.26 to $9.53

From $10.21 to $13.01

We looked at the prices for every console based Star Wars game. This excludes portables, PC games, and smaller consoles like Commodore 64. We also excluded Star Wars tie-ins like Angry Birds and LEGO.

Sixty games in total. The prices before the Star Wars movie were taken end of October 2015. The post movie prices were taken December 21st. See the full list of games used in calculations. See all Star Wars video game prices.


Salmononius2 said...

While this is also part of the whole movie tie in thing, I feel like the release of the new Star Wars Battlefront also affected the prices (particularly of the older Battlefront games). The Battlefront games were always a bit expensive, specifically on Xbox (and deservedly so. They're great games!), and they all seemed to be trending a lot higher than the average, especially given what was already a high starting price.

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