Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Buy & Sell Video Games in Canada with PriceCharting Marketplace

Canada Video Game Map

Canadians love video games. And now Canadians can buy and sell video games on the PriceCharting Marketplace.

Details on buying and selling games as a Canadian

There are no fees to buy or sell games. That's the same for all users!

Shipping is free between two Canadians (sellers include shipping costs in the listing price).

Shipping costs $3-5 between Canada and USA depending on the size of the item (See full cost details)

The price you see on the marketplace includes all shipping costs.

Customs and duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

Start buying & selling games today.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, JJ! This actually took a lot less time than I thought it would - props to you! :)

Anonymous said...

Are all transactions for buyers and sellers from Canada and the USA in USD?

JJ said...

@anonymous - Yes, all transactions are in USD.

DJ Omnimaga said...

Currently it's still better to buy games in local Canadian stores, unless it's EB Games. The reason why is because most stock these stores have right now is stock that they got when the dollar was worth $0,90 USD or more and some retro gaming stores did not adjust old prices yet, or they did it but based on a $0.80-0.90 USD dollar. So in some cases games in brick and mortar stores will cost much less than on Ebay. EB Games, on the other hand, adjusted prices of all their old stock based on the current Canadian dollar value to try to screw customers up.

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