Friday, January 15, 2016

Germ Squashers NES Game Raises Money for Children's Hospital

To help raise money for the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, 8bit Evolution is releasing a new NES game called Germ Squashers.

The game is coming out for Genesis, iOS, and Android too.

They are making 100 limited editions (cartridge, full color manual, and card packins) and 100 special editions (cartridge, cardboard box, color manual, and special packins like a branded hand sanitizer). The limited edition sells for $59.99 and the special edition is $69.99. The cartridge by itself is $49.99. You can't buy it yet, but you can signup for their email list to know when it is ready for sale.

I love that an 8bit game is getting a physical cartridge to go along with the digital versions. Thanks 8bit Evolution for making this collector's item.

Checkout a gameplay video below:


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Typo: "sellers" should be "sells".

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