Thursday, January 28, 2016

Easier Tracking and Shipping Notifications on the Marketplace

The PriceCharting Marketplace automates shipping and tracking notification and storage for buyers and sellers.

On your sales history page, you click 'mark as shipped'.

Top game was shipped. Bottom game still has 'mark as shipped' link

You are then taken to a page to mark the item as shipped and upload the tracking number.

Form to upload tracking number and mark as shipped

Tracking numbers are optional, but including one is +1 to your marketplace reputation.

The shipping date is always the date you click 'mark as shipped' so update this information as quickly as possible after you ship. This ensures timely communication between seller and buyer.

The tracking number and shipping date are always displayed on the listing page for any item you buy or sell.

Date shipped and tracking example on listing page

Buyers are emailed a shipping confirmation with the tracking number immediately after you update the status.

Hopefully this feature makes it easier for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other and see the status of their transactions in one central location.


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