Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Improvements to Search Results

We've made some improvements to search results to make it easier to find the games and prices you're looking for.

  • Punctuation is ignored.
    "Final Fantasy Collectors Edition" and "Final Fantasy Collector's Edition" both work
    "X-men" "X men" and "Xmen" all work

  • "the", "and", "but", "for"..... are ignored
    "The Legend of Zelda" and "Legend Zelda" work
    "Dungeons and Dragons" and "Dungeons & Dragons" work

  • Spacing on many popular searches is fixed.
    "Mega man" and "Megaman" work
    "Starfox" and "Star fox" work

  • Searching by nicknames works on common nicknames.
    "GTA", "MGS", "CoD", "DDR" all work

We will be monitoring search results more closely and improving it on a weekly basis.

We also added the capability to store multiple UPC's for a game in our database. This will reduce the number of barcode scanning errors that bring up no results. We will continually add new UPC's as we find them.


douglass said...

Good job, jj.

JJ said...

@unknown - Thanks. Since this went live the number of "no results found" searches have dropped 20%.

Anonymous said...


This was one of my biggest pet peeves!

Thanks, JJ!

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