Thursday, February 13, 2020

PriceCharting Mobile App

Did you know that PriceCharting has a mobile app? It can't be found in app stores, but it can be added to your phone home page and allows for fast, efficient price checking.

All the same features on the website are available on the app. Whenever the site is updated the app is updated instantly too.

Read more app details and how to install the app


Fear and Loathing in Wisconsin said...

Those links are broken.

Anonymous said...

@fear_and_loathing - Sorry that link isn't working right now. We had to disable the link describing the app for a while due to the site outage a few days ago.

The app still works fine, but the page describing it is disabled for a few more days. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

Hey JJ, could you consider adding a few more things to the filter section? I'd love to look for a series, say Castlevania, but only on a few systems, like the PS1 and DS. Under "console" you could make it a select all that apply, like ebay. Could you also add a feature to calculate the values of an entire set of games for a console (and have the option to include or exclude variants and combo carts), or an entire set of consoles, like every n64 released in the US? You could then quickly see how much a complete set of games or consoles for a system is worth, making buying and selling complete lot easier, and allowing people to decide whether or not to pursue a complete set for a system based upon a rough pricepoint for what they will be paying. I'm a huge fan of the site and look forward to every new update. Thanks for your continued support of this great resource to collectors everywhere.

JJ said...

@AndyG - Thanks for using the site and giving a feature suggestion. I've added this suggestion to our feature suggestion tool so users can vote on it.

Your suggestions are here:
Filter search by multiple consoles
Create custom sets to collect/value

Unknown said...

Why isn't the app in the App Store or Play Store? You could take donations through there.

JJ said...

@unknown - We've decided not to make a native app because natives apps require costly development for Android and iOS; require download through an app store, and slow down updates because app stores must approve them first.

By developing only a web app, we can roll out the latest features to all users immediately instead of waiting for approvals.

Chris said...

I've been using the mobile app for a while and recently got a phone upgrade and now the upc scanner is not working.

JJ said...

@Chris - What kind of phone did you get? I'll look into the issue and see what might be going on.

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