Thursday, April 15, 2021

No More UK Support on Marketplace

England has changed many of their shipping requirements starting in early 2021. All sellers are required to create an account with UK VAT (value added tax) collection service and pay VAT fees prior to shipment. The sellers on our marketplace are mostly individuals and small brick and morter stores that might sell one item to UK in a year. It is not worth it for them to deal with this hassle and time consuming forms for one sale.

We do not have immediate plans to collect VAT taxes as a marketplace either. UK sales are a very small portion of the marketplace and it is not worth the development time or cost to implement VAT taxes for the small volume. We will devote our development resources to other tools on the site like tools for all collectors, PAL gmae price guides, and more.

Sorry if this change impacts you. There are definitely costs to burdensome regulations and ,unfortunately, this is one of them.


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