Wednesday, April 7, 2021

We've Added Strategy Guide Prices

We now have strategy guide prices on PriceCharting.

The initial list includes all Official Nintendo Player's Guides and some of the more valuable Brady and Prima guides too.

Feel free to add any missing guides to the site and we'll start track sales and prices. Be sure to include the publisher in the name of the guide. For example "Super Mario 64 [Brady]" and "Super Mario 64 [Prima]".

Thank you to all the users who requested this feature over the years.


Anonymous said...

"Category" only has "video games" and "pokemon cards". There is a 3rd option but it is empty and clicking it resets it. so, how do I choose the "strategy guide" category to add them?

JJ said...

@anonymous - Sorry for any confusion. Use the "video game" category but choose "strategy guide" from the "console" list.

Dave W said...

As the top aggregating site for game prices, could you make a post on the unprecedented increase in prices over the past three months? Having unfettered access to all the data oh, it would be really interesting to see how it compares historically and what the implications could mean.

Dave W said...

Please ignore the oh. I voice dictated the post and Google has this really awful habit of adding "oh" when you have it in put a comma.

JJ said...

@Dave W - Great suggestion for an article. The market has definitely been on a tear lately with big increases last spring and more increases again this year too. I'll work on an article

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