Tuesday, January 3, 2023

PriceIt Game: Test Your Knowledge of Prices

PriceIt Game: Play

How well do you know prices for your favorite collectible? Play our PriceIt Game and find out.

You have 60 seconds to choose the right price for as many items as possible.
You get 100 points for correct answers
You lose 100 points for wrong answers.

See how well you do after the game and view which answers you got right and which you got wrong.

PriceIt Game: Final Score

We keep track of your high scores too.

PriceIt Game: High Score

If you get a good score, share it with your friends and see if anyone can beat you.

The game works for every collectible we support.

PriceIt: Video Games
PriceIt: Pokemon Cards
PriceIt: Comics
PriceIt: YuGiOh Cards
PriceIt: Magic Cards


Dave W said...

Mildly amusing distraction, only thing I would change is switch to complete games for disc games. Disc games in the case are going to be the more standard version people will have knowledge of.

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