Monday, April 21, 2008

2008 Price Predictions Follow-up

Earlier this year I posted my predictions for some specific games and what would happen to their prices. This is a follow-up to see how I did so far and why I might have gotten the predictions wrong.

Devil May Cry 3 Cover ArtFebruary - I predicted Devil May Cry games, and Devil May Cry 3 specifically, would increase in price because DMC 4 was released in February. All three Playstation 2 Devil May Cry games increased in price from January to February.
Devil May Cry - Went from $6.00 in January to $7.99 in February, a 33% increase
Devil May Cry 2 - Increased from $5.50 in Jan. to $7.91 in Feb, a 44% increase
Devil May Cry 3 - $8.00 in Jan to $9.75 in Feb, a 22% increase

Super Smash Bros Nintendo 64 Cover ArtMarch - I predicted that Super Smash Bros on N64 would drop in price in March because the price was high in January. The timing was wrong on this prediction though. Smash Bros on Nintendo 64 dropped almost $3 from January to February, but increased about $1.50 in March. Since my prediction was for a price decrease in March, I guess I am officially wrong.

So far I got the February prediction right and March wrong. I'm shooting 50% so far. It looks like my April prediction of Grand Theft Auto price increases is going to be correct (GTA San Andreas for Xbox and GTA Trilogy for Xbox have increased quite a bit), so hopefully I will have a 66% average next month.

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Travis Hendricks said...

Predicting a Smash Bros drop in price was a bit of a gamble with the release of Smash Bros Brawl coming out that month. But considering the fact that the game's price was so high already and usually Nintendo releases old games like this on the Virtual Console right before the new games releases. So that would certainly lower the price. Too bad Nintendo never released it on the Virtual Console or I bet you would have been right.

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