Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Every NES Game Ever Made Costs: $11,388

Complete NES Game CollectionThere is an auction on ebay right now for a complete NES game collection including Nintendo World Championships. How much is a video game collection like this worth?

Using the 90-day average prices from our NES game price list we calculated the cost to buy every licensed game, $6,088. We then added in $5,000 for Nintendo World Championships which is the middle of the price range for the game and $300 for Family Fun Fitness Stadium Events, which is the price the game is listed for on right now. That makes the total $11,388 to buy every licensed NES game ever made.

Is this the price this auction is going to sell for? It could be higher or lower. One the one hand it might close a little bit higher because he has about 25 games that come with the box and instructions which with NES games can be pretty hard to find.

On the other hand there is one BIG problem with this auction: the seller. A look at his feedback shows 4 negatives. Three of those are from selling and they make of 3 of his last 9 sales. My bet is this auction closes for less than $11,388.

The seller's history scares me enough that I won't be bidding, but at least I know how much it will cost me to complete my dream collection. I better start saving now.


Travis Hendricks said...

That's a lot of money. I would have to imagine this sells for less than $11,000 since things in bulk always seem to sell for much less than the cost of every thing individually.

Unknown said...

this isn't for every nes game. it is missing the panesian games, cheetahmen ii etc.

JJ Hendricks said...

Mark you are correct that the auction does not include every game if you include the unlicensed ones that you mentioned. He says in the auction that is is for every 'licensed' NES game. I should have made that more clear.

He also doesn't have Bubble Bath Babes or Caltron 6 in 1, some very rare and expensive Nintendo games.

8bitCaged said...

$11,000 for shiping

Anonymous said...

Well after reviewing every game in the auction they are missing one game and it is actually the best video game ever made. It was the #1 game of the year in 1986 and it was called "how to kill Martin Luther king Jr blvd while dodging the bullets aimed at JFK". Now that was a fun game.

Anonymous said...

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