Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Price of 10 Best NES Games Nobody Played

Toplessrobot.com wrote an article about the 10 best NES games nobody played. I decided to look at how much those games would cost now so people can play these forgotten treasures on their Nintendo consoles.

Metal Storm: $25-30
Little Samson: $50-55
Shatterhand: $2-3
Secret Ties: Never released. ROM available online
Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom: $20-24
Gun Nac: $20-22
Vice Project Doom: $2-3
Clash At Demonhead: $1-2
Mr. Gimmick: No US release. Imports are available for $180
The Guardian Legend: $1-2

You can pick up quite a few of these games for almost nothing. If you still have your NES these would be some great games to buy to get some cheap entertainment. Others are pretty expensive now. $20-50 is quite a bit for just the cartridge of an old NES game. But I don't think any of these titles have a chance of being released on Virtual Console so if you want to try them out you will have to fork over the money.

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Anonymous said...

Metal Storm had its own Nintendo Power cover. I doubt it's a game that nobody's played...

Anonymous said...

I played the hell out of Clash at Demonhead. I think my grandma got it off of HSN and when she gave it to me, I had no idea what it was. Turned out to be an incredible game.

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