Monday, June 30, 2008

Saled Auctions 1st Edition: Zelda Master Quest

We recently created a new program that allows us to see whenever sealed, rare game come up for auction on ebay. We are going to have a new regular feature on the VGPC blog that let's readers know of any sealed auctions that are available.

All the auctions we list in this series will be brand new and sealed and be relatively hard to find or sought after by collectors.

Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest - Gamecube
This game was only a limited release by Nintendo and never sold in stores. It was a pre-order bonus for Zelda Wind Waker.

Mario Dance Dance Revolution with Pad - Gamecube
The game is sells for about $60 on average so the brand new one will probably go for over $100. Nintendo and Konami didn't manufacture enough copies of this game to meet the demand so used copies even sell for more than retail price.

Sonic Jam - Sega Saturn
Not extremely rare but still sells for about $20-30 used. This sealed auction is listed for $50.

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue - Playstation 1

Vagrant Story - Playstation 1

Pikmin 2 - Gamecube

Chrono Trigger - Super Nintendo
It ends in 7 hours, but is already at $325. A sealed Chrono Trigger previously sold for $1,217 on ebay. Will this one go as high?

Family Fun Fitness - NES
This is a rare game for NES and was pulled from production. This is a sealed version with the pad included. The seller is asking $1,299. A bit high if you ask me but it is rare and sealed.

If there are any particular sealed games you are looking for, let me know in the comments section and I will specifically look for those ones too. Give me any other feedback you have about this new article series. Information I should add for each auction, pictures, current prices on VGPC, etc.


Anonymous said...

I have a sealed black label Vagrant Story. It's one of the nicer items in my collection. I managed to get it for about $40 BIN about a year ago.

It's one of my absolute favorite games on the PS1, and I'm surprised that it hasn't gone astronomical in value since it's related story-wise to Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII (and created by the same team).

Anonymous said...

I've seen on Ebay a copy of Master Quest which they claim can be played normally on the Wii. I've tried some internet searching and can't find if this is true for the officially released game. Is this true (as I have a Wii and not a GC, but want to have Master Quest), do you think it is just a rip-off/download?


JJ Hendricks said...

Miranda, I think that auction is very legitimate. Gamecube games can play on the Wii so the Master Quest game will play on your Wii.

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