Friday, June 6, 2008

The Rise and Fall of Spyro

What happened to Spyro games for Playstation between October 2007 and January 2008? The resale prices for every PS1 Spyro game increased by at least 100% during this time. At first I thought it was Christmas, but Christmas 2006 (the far left side of each chart) shows almost no price change at all from December 2006 to January 2007. So it isn't just a seasonal increase in demand for Spyro games. Spyro Enternal Night was released in October 2007. Is that the sole reason for a price spike of more than 200% in some cases? If you have any other ideas for what caused this huge price increase last year let us know by leaving a comment.

Spyro the Dragon PS1 Price Chart
Spyro Ripto's Rage PS1 Price Chart
Spyro Collector's Edition PS1 Price Chart
Spyro Year of the Dragon PS1 Price Chart


Anonymous said...

I eBayed the 3 PS1 games (the equivalent of the collectors edition) for $60 in April. The new game from October is the only rational explanation I can think of.....

Travis Hendricks said...

According to Google Trends there was a huge spike in searchs for Spyro at the same time as the spike in all the sales: Check it out here. The weird thing is there is no mention of why there is a spike.

There was a new game announced in October for mobile phones and in April a new game announced called Dawn of the Dragon.

Still no real explanation.

JJ Hendricks said...

Thanks for the google trends data Tanooki. That is interesting to see for sure.

Unknown said...

Check out Crash Bandicoot Prices as weel over the same period. Both games, at least their PS1 offerings, have followed a similar trend. Great Site by the way.

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