Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Movies Increase Video Game Prices

The summer movie season starts up in May and people rush out every week to see the newest big budget movies. After watching movies like Indiana Jones, Iron Man, and Speed Racer people rush out to buy the video games. The resale prices of old Indiana Jones, Iron Man, and Speed Racer games shoot up more than 170% in some cases.

Resale Prices of Indiana Jones Games

Every Indiana Jones game except for the Nintendo 64 version had price spikes after the movie release over Memorial Day weekend.
Indiana Jones Genesis Resale Price
Indiana Jones Playstation 2 Resale Price
Indiana Jones Super Nintendo Resale Price
Indiana Jones Xbox Resale Price
Indiana Jones Nintendo 64 Resale Price

Resale Prices of Iron Man Games

People got excited for Iron Man on PS1 before the movie came out. The price shot up in February when the trailers were being released and has stayed above historic prices ever since.

Resale Prices of Speed Racer Games

Even though the movie wasn't successful at the box office the games both had big price increases. Maybe the people who did see the movie wanted to quickly forget about it by playing the game instead.
Speed Racer Super Nintendo Resale Price
Speed Racer Playstation 1 Resale Price

If there were Sex and the City or Mama Mia video games, I bet their prices would jump up a lot too. Thankfully no developer ever made them.

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I can't wait for Iron Man!

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