Thursday, July 3, 2008

VGPC Is Tracking New Game Prices

Some of you might have noticed that the game pages on the site changed late last night. We have been tracking and recording prices for new video games and are now displaying them alongside the used prices. Here is an example and explanations for what has changed:

Changes To Video Game Prices Page

The image above shows how the Chrono Trigger price section of the site now looks.

#1. New Price - The biggest change is the new price listed on each page. Like the current price we showed before, it is the most recent price for the game BUT it only includes items that people listed as new condition.

#2. Observation Date and Source Count - This information is still the same as before and tells you when the prices shown were last updated and how many sources we have for the price. A quick note about the sources, we might say 3 sources but there could be multiple actual sales from each source. For a popular game like Mario Kart Wii ebay might have 20+ sales in a day. All of those sales go into the price but ebay is only listed as 1 source.

#3. Used Price - Where we used to have the "current price" listed we have changed it to "used price". The price in this section only includes the used games that sold recently. This is a change from before because previously the price included used and new prices since it was an overall average.

Other Things to Note - We only have a couple weeks worth of new prices so some rarer games or older games that don't sell in new condition very often might show as "N/A". It just means we haven't seen a new sale for that game yet so we can't say what the price is.

Future Changes - The chart section only shows the used price for now because we don't have enough data to show the new price too. Once we have at least two months of data the charts will start showing the new prices along side the used prices so you can see how they both change historically.

We hope you find this new feature valuable. It is amazing to me to see how much more expensive new NES and SNES games are than the used versions. Go ahead and look at a few game pages to check out the new feature for yourself.

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mndrix said...

Awesome feature. Will your Price Guide files start including information based on these new and used prices anytime soon?

JJ Hendricks said...

Our premium price guide already gives a new price, but it is an estimate. We are will be updating the price guide to show the actual new prices when we have them. The prices given to our subscribers should be even more accurate now. We plan to implement that change within the week.

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