Tuesday, July 22, 2008

15 Rare Nintendo DS Games | The Most Expensive DS Games

The Nintendo DS has seen more than 1,600 games since it launched in 2004 and became one of the best selling video game consoles of all time. Quite a few of the thousands of games for the DS have become rare and some have become very expensive for collectors. Below is a list of the most expensive and rare Nintendo DS games.

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Most Valuable Nintendo DS Games

Zelda Twilight Princess DS Demo

New Price: $NA | Used Price: $143
At E3 2004 Nintendo previewed Zelda Twilight Princess to all media at their press conference. They also made a Nintendo DS cartridge with the same Twilight Princess demo video and gave these away to all attendees. The cartridge contains no game play, just a short video of the game.

There are probably around 500 of these games and some of these might have been destroyed by the media who received them. The game was never sold commercially or sealed so there are no new prices for the item.

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Animaniacs Lights, Camera, Action

New Price: $120 | Used Price: $47
In Animaniacs: Lights, Camera, Action you try to create three movies by finding keys, hitting switches, and defeating enemies. During gameplay you can switch between one of five Animaniacs characters to take advantage of their strengths and weaknesses.

The game was published by Ignition Entertainment in 2005. Ignition is a smaller publisher and generally makes smaller production runs for their games. The DS version of the game was universally panned by gaming critics.

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Strawberry Shortcake Four Seasons Cake

New Price: $87 | Used Price: $26
Play as Strawberry Shortcake and travel during every season of the year to try and collect ingredients for the largest cake of all time. It was the last Strawberry Shortcake video game released for any console.

The game is notoriously hard to find. It was published by American Game Factory in November 2007 and marketed only via the Strawberry Shortcake email newsletter. Due to the smaller publisher and almost non-existant marketing the game didn't sell many copies.

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Phoenix Wright Trials and Tribulations

New Price: $85 | Used Price: $45
Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations is the last game in the Phoenix wright series of games. You play as an attorney who must investigate crimes and defend his clients. It plays like a visual novel with puzzle and adventure twists.

Reviews and sales for the game were very good and Capcom even issued an apology because it was so hard to find for a while. Capcom met initial demand, but after production ceased prices for the game have continued to increase.

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Inuyasha Secret of the Divine Jewel

New Price: $85 | Used Price: $21
Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel is a turn based role playing game developed by Bandai. You play as InuYasha and her friends as you try to save a girl who is the target of demons.

The game was released in 2007 and is the only InuYasha game developed solely for the US market and not released in Japan first. It is also the last InuYasha game relesaed for any console. Fans of the anime series help elevate prices for the game.

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New Price: $80 | Used Price: $22
Electroplankton is a experimental music creation 'game' released by Nintendo. It doesn't have any end point or goals so some people prefer to call it a toy. You touch plankton on the screen and they make different sounds. You can combine the touches together to make music.

The game was initially shown at the Game Developer's Conference in 2005 as a showcase for what the DS could do. It wasn't released commercially until January 2006 and then only online and at the Nintendo World store in NYC. When the game sold out quickly resale prices were upwards of $70-80 in used condition. Prices have steadily declined over time though.

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Barbie Fashion Show Eye for Style

New Price: $75 | Used Price: $20
Customize different dresses, shoes, fabrics, accessories, and more to create your own fashion line. You are given different design challenges like making the perfect outfit for a male or female at a dance or wedding.

The game was published by Activision in 2008. Prices for the game increased dramatically during Christmas season 2010 selling for almost $50 in December 2010. Prices have stayed high ever since.

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Strawberry Shortcake Strawberryland Games

New Price: $69 | Used Price: $18
Another Strawberry Shortcake game developed by Game Factory this time it is a collection of mini-games themed after Strawberry Shortcake.

The game was released in 2006. In 2009 the Strawberry Shortcake franchise was relaunched with a new movie, new toys, and new characters. The relaunch increased interest in the video games as well.

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Digimon World DS

New Price: $65 | Used Price: $30
Digimon World is the first of four Digimon games to come out on the Nintendo DS. You tame, raise, and command Digimon and try to collect creatures during your adventure.

A Digimon game seems to make an appearance on almost every console's most valuable list. The series continues to stay popular over a long period of time, which helps keep prices high.

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Winx Club Mission Enchantix

New Price: $64 | Used Price: $30
The Winx series of games and television shows tells the story of six teenage fairies who must defeat Valtor. The gameplay is part side-scroller and part mini-game collection.

The game was released in October 2008, more than a year after the show stopped airing on TV and demand had dropped significantly by this point. In 2011 Nickelodeon aired four one-hour special features, which summarized the events in each season. This added exposure helped increase prices for this rare game.

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New Price: $60 | Used Price: $36
Scrabble was published by Electronic Arts in March 2009. It is a video game version of the popular word board game and includes six skill training games to help you improve at the game.

Soon after the game was released, EA decided to focus the series on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. EA stopped production of the DS game in 2010. This was around the same time overall interest in Scrabble increased due to the popularity of the game on other devices.

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Phoenix Wright Justice for All

New Price: $60 | Used Price: $30
This is the second Phoenix Wright game to make the list. Phoenix Wright: Justice for All is the second game in the series. It uses the same exact engine as the first game but adds new characters and brand new cases.

Capcom produced the game in limited quantities and unlike the original Ace Attorney game it was never reproduced. Just like Trials and Tribulations, Justice For All has increased in price steadily during the last two years.

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Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2008

New Price: $60 | Used Price: $18
A card based Yu-Gi-Oh game for the Nintendo DS. You obtain playing cards in the game, Wi-Fi download, and trading. Then arrange your deck and fight virtual characters in the game or compete in a world ranking system online.

World Championship 2008 was the last game based upon the GX anime series. All future Yu-Gi-Oh games for DS have been based on the 5d's anime series released in 2008. Used copies sell for a modest $15-18, but new versions sell for $60.

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Dinosaur King

New Price: $58 | Used Price: $23
Dinosaur King is a hybrid card battling game and Pokemon clone created by Sega. You find fossils during gameplay and convert them into cards so you can control the dinosaurs. Each dinosaur increases levels and learns new moves as it gains experience from battling.

In 2008, the same year the game launched, trading cards and an anime series on Fox came out as well. The series stopped airing in 2010 and prices nearly doubled. The game has stayed valuable ever since.

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Smart Kid's Party Fun Pack

New Price: $55 | Used Price: $28
Smart Kid's Party Fun Pack is a collectiong of mini-games designed for little kids and based off the Smart Kids series.

The game was published by UFO Interactive in 2008. All the Smart Kids Nintendo DS games continue to sell for a premium price, but Party Fun pack is the most expensive.
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Winx Club Quest for the Codex

New Price: $55 | Used Price: $42
Another series with two games in the most valuable list. Winx Club: Quest for the Codex was the first game in the Winx series and released in 2006.

Like Mission Enchantix, Quest for the Codex started increasing in price in 2010 and has continued to appreciate at a steady rate.

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Other Expensive Nintendo DS Games

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the7k said...

How much do you think Electroplankton's price was boosted due to its inclusion as a stage in the most recent Smash Bros foray?

JJ Hendricks said...

Very good question. If you look at the price history for Electroplankton it does look like the price was on a steady increase from March of this year until May. I don't know if it was because of Smash Bros or not, but it probably at least partially related. The game was expensive prior to Melee coming out though.

gamehoarders.com said...

I LOVE my Boggle DS and would probably not sell it for any sane amount of money. The DS version Monopoly is mediocre at best, and I'd prefer the Game Boy Color version (a port of the NES version) any day.

Also, I have to point out that the Tetris DS prices are dampered by a ton of Asian bootlegs on eBay. Last I checked, the other games on this list have not been bootlegged.

john said...

you could always buy them on ebay
http://cgi.ebay.com/Tetris-NINTENDO-DS-NDS-lite-Game-NEW_W0QQitemZ270258133776QQihZ017QQcategoryZ100800QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Tetris DS for $20

Anonymous said...

Most likely, the demand for Electro PLankton wasnt just Smash Bros...it's been featured in a few youtube video...particularly that one with the iphone band...

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add the Nintendo DS Gold - Zelda Phantom Hourglass edition! I lost mine and to replace it I had to pay $220 when the original was under $189.

Anonymous said...

Clubhouse Games is one of the best casual titles for DS, in my opinion. It's tragic that it's not being printed currently. Some things could've been done better, but all in all for catching the attention of regular folks, showing off CG has worked wonders.

Anonymous said...

LOL. This is why people pirate. Publishers screw customers over by releasing limited amounts of games and then stop publishing and refuse to publish more. What other recourse is there?
There should be a law that if you offer to buy at fair price, a game from a publisher and they refuse to sell it to you, that you are allowed to pirate it. Makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

...Except it would cause the price of games to skyrocket because a publisher would have to always have a title on hand in case the demand were above zero.

They don't stop making games because they like to be assholes, they do it because the demand isn't high enough to merit pumping millions of dollars into another run. If the demand were there, you'd have your game.

It sucks to place a higher value on a good than Joe Schmoe, but it's economics; sometimes you're on the right end of the demand curve, sometimes you're not.

Anonymous said...

Rare? Bah, only if you're against downloading ROMs.

Free xbox 360 Elite said...

Well it seems to me that the demand is still there, but the publishers are providing the supply. Obviously, there has to be some other factor involving the non-production of say Tetris DS if the demand is certainly there.

Hannah said...

I worked in ASDA in the UK on Music and Video for two years, and the Monopoly game, the Tetris game and the club house games were all on sale for verryyy cheap. Eventually we reduced the prices to as low as £5 as no one wanted them! It feels strange to me to see them as "rare collectibles" as our shelves we jam packed with them a year or two ago.

ima420r said...

The Zelda DS w/ Phanton Hourglass is way more expensive and rare than the pink Nintendogs DS.

Anonymous said...

FYE in Arundel Mills in Baltimore has Club house games....it never sold when i worked there...

Anonymous said...

HA! i got that club house games free from the offical nintendo magazine! Awesome!

Tim said...

Nintendo isn't publishing Tetris DS anymore because they lost the license to the Tetris name. I believe Hudson has it now.

Hellkitty said...

I finally bought a ds(two actually) when nintendogs bundle and zelda were released. I also bought Tetris DS (from hong kong)off ebay for 20 bucks not long after. When it arrived it looked like an official game except the coloring of the info looked slightly faded. I had also purchased another game from the same seller and on that games info it had '?'s where it should not have and that was the give away that it was for not an official game. I contacted someone else who bought the game and they said they played it and it was the full game. Anyway, I wanted the real thing and bought another copy. I traded in both games to the gamestore(since I couldn't return to ebay) and they both rang up super mario but they just thought it was a glitch and took them. So if you are ok with bootlegs spend 20 bucks or pick up my used copy at the game store maybe.

Napolux said...

Here in Italy Tetris DS is avalaible in nearly every games store at normal price.


Sean said...

Hmm the three games that I know are Hard to find Rare Games are...

- Hotel Dusk Room 215
- Hero's of Mana
- Mario & Luigi Partners in Time

I have learned to try and pick up games that are made by 3rd Parties first as those seem to disappear faster than 1st Party titles although with Mario & Luigi Partners in Time, I'm not really sure why they stopped printing that title.

Krazd said...

I knew I should have bought a copy of Tetris DS...

D. Sanford Hesler said...

Looks like they reprinted clubhouse games, you can buy it new at amazon.com for $19.99 with free ship

Anonymous said...

I work at GameStop and we just received a copy of Electro Plankton or whatever it is so if you want it come on down. We are at the 86 and Lexington location in NewYork

Jeff said...

I want to work at a GameStop so bad! anyway Nice read here.

Anonymous said...

Clubhouse Games is being/was reprinted with the "Touch Generations" logo.
The Gold Zelda DS is worth much more than the Nintendogs one. I had it, complete and mint, then my dad threw out a bunch of game boxes (ughh...) I had, including that one. To cut to the point: I just had the actual DS lite, stylus, and slot-2 pak left so I traded it... plus I hated worrying every second that I was gonna scratch it...

Anonymous said...

i gave my friend like 5 things in my lunch and he said he would give me 10 dollars and instead he gave me club house games

Anonymous said...

Clubhouse games should be removed; it has lost a great deal of it's value. It is now easy to find it for under $20 new. Just one of those fads I suppose.

Anonymous said...

With the 3DS coming in only two months or so, and the DS winding down, soon the real most rare & expensive DS games will become apparent, the ones who hold their value for years at a time.

Anonymous said...

I think this should be the next updated "Rare Games" article.

Anonymous said...

lol ive seen a ton of clubhouse games in stores. im suprised theyre rare now

Anonymous said...

I just sold Radiant Historia (new) for $100. Seems like it should probably be on here.

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - Radiant Historia sells for about $50 brand new if it is the game only with no soundtrack. The game with the soundtrack, 1st printing, sells for $100+.

I have created a listing on our site to track the game with the soundtrack so users can hopefully see the price differences between the two.

xxxJoshHawkxxx said...

Probably a good time to have sold Radiant Historia, according to website it is reprinting very soon:

JJ Hendricks said...

@xxxJoshHawkxxx - Standard edition games from Atlus almost always get reprinted when they become rare. They even went back and reprinted some Persona 1 and Persona 2 for PS1 many years after the PS2 had launched.

The reprinting probably won't come with the soundtrack. So the soundtrack version might continue to keep its collectible value.

Jack said...

Radiant Historia can probably be removed from that list. It has been reprinted by Atlus on 10/2012. I just paid $19.99 for it on Amazon but it has went up to $29.99. Eragon seems to be a game that is getting harder to find and has gained a higher value in sealed condition.

DJ Omnimaga said...

Nowadays, one of the most expensive DS game would be the NTSC version of Pokémon Heartgold. Even without the Pokéwalker, opened copies often runs for $50-60 on Ebay and with the Pokewalker it recently peaked at $100. The French version available in Quebec is much cheaper, though.

EpicFace101XD said...

Dude, u forgot the Pokemon games. HeartGold and SoulSilver both sell new for $120.

infiniteoldschool said...

I have a chance to buy this set : nintendo DSi +
- Pokemon Platinum
- Pokemon Heart Gold
- Pokemon Soul Silver
- Pokemon Black
- Pokemon White
- Pokemon Black 2
- Pokemon White 2

How much is this worth? all used
thanks a million

infiniteoldschool said...

alright, the guy sold DSi and couple of games. he offers me nintendo DS + Pokemon Heart gold, Soul silver, White, Platinum... he asks 55 euros for this bundle, what do you say?

Anonymous said...

Go for it

Unknown said...

Where is Mean Girls DS? That game is worth like 1,000 dollars or something!

Anonymous said...

Update would be amazing :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey pricecharting please update fix Nintendo 3DS
barbie groom and glam pups

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