Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Give the Gift of Games: Child's Play

For many gamers this is the time of year for getting tons of games as presents. If your like me there are too many games released during November and December to buy yourself so you ask parents, friends, and family to help out and buy you stuff. This year we at VGPC decided to change things. We are giving the gift of games to those less fortunate instead of buying gifts for each other. We are donating to Child's Play, a non-profit charity that gives toys and games to children at over 40 hospitals around the world.

It really is a great organization. They work with hospitals to get lists of games kids undergoing treatment want this year and then people can buy specific gifts for kids using Amazon's Wishlist or by giving a cash donation. And almost all of their money, 97%, goes to the actual cause instead of administrative costs.

Check out their map of hospitals to buy some games for sick kids in your area (I gave to Denver Children's Hospital, my local hospital) or read more about them yourself.


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