Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top 10 Articles of 2008

2008 has been a great year for the VGPC Blog. It was our first full year of articles and we now have a steady stream of visitors every day and about 100 subscribers to our blog. As you can see in the chart of the visitor traffic below we had a few really popular articles on the site bringing in lots of visitors.

Top 10 Articles on VGPC For 2008

Below is a list of the most popular articles we published on the blog during 2008 based on the number of pageviews.
1. 5 Rare & Expensive Nintendo DS Games

2. Most Rare and Expensive Gamecube Games

3. Chrono Trigger; Better Investment Than Apple

4. IRS Care About Your Video Game Collection

5. Watch Out! Your Video Games Are Dropping In Price

6. GTA IV Raises Classic GTA Prices on PS2 & Xbox

7. Wii Fit: Another Scalper's Dream From Nintendo

8. Digg Effect Decreases Game Prices

9. 7 Game Conventions to Attend Before You Die

10. Metal Gear Twin Snakes Becomes Rare

Thanks for the great year. We look forward to writing more articles in 2009 looking at video game prices and collecting.


Unknown said...

thanks for the great blog and site.

Travis Hendricks said...

What a great this has been. Too bad the 8-Bit Classics Recreated in Boom Blox didn't get more attention. Maybe I'm just saying that because I have a personal connection to it.

Great stuff with the site. Keep up the original blog post ideas.

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