Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Persona 2 Reprint Cuts New Prices In Half

Almost a month ago we told you about Atlus reprinting Persona 2 and selling them on Amazon. We wanted to check back and see how a reprinting like this changes the new and used resale prices for gamers.

Below is the chart showing the Persona 2 price since December 2006 and before the reprinting. As you can see the average price has been increasing for Persona 2 for the last year and were selling for $64 used and $169 sealed.

The chart below shows the same price history with December prices added. As you can see the used price didn't change at all after the reprinting. BUT the new price dropped more than 56% from $169 to $75.
Persona 2 Price After Reprint

Atlus added a lot more sealed copies of Persona 2 to the market so the prices came way down. The game sold out very quickly though and the new resale price is still $35 above the $39.99 reprint price so Atlus still didn't print enough. Maybe they will have another reprinting in the future.

Do you think any other publishers will do reprints of rare Playstation 1 games? I'm hoping for reprints for Suikoden II and X-COM UFO Defense. The publishers can make some more money on these great games and I can save some money when I finally purchase them.


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