Sunday, March 29, 2009

250 Classic Arcade Games In The Middle of Nowhere

Manitou Springs Colorado is a small town of a little more than 5,000 people. But it has the greatest arcade I have ever seen.

I was going with my wife for a relaxing weekend away. Manitou Springs is your quintessential small town with a little Main Street, small shops, bed and breakfasts, etc. I thought we would stay the night, have a good dinner, and see a few sites.


I had no idea that in the middle of the main street is an arcade lover's dream. There are more than 300 classic arcade cabinets, pinball machines, skee-ball, and other midway type games.

Everything from 1 cent football games from the early 1900's to table top Space Invaders to Guitar Hero. Pinball machines themed after Superman or Elton John. Rifle shooting games, love testers, foosball, racing games, and fighting games. There were games I remember playing when I was growing up and games I have never seen before.

Arcade Is Outside & Inside Five Different Buildings


The whole arcade is spread through-out five different buildings and the outside spaces in between. Some of the cabinets even had snow on them (which was a bit sad to see).

Lines of Pinball Machines

MV Jantzen

Rows of pinball machines. This room was dedicated to pinball and the penny, nickel, and dime games. Everything cost the same that it did when the games were first made.

Elton John's Pinball Machine - Captain Fantasic


Apparantly Elton John had his own pinball machine.

Almost Every Capcom Arcade Fighter

The arcade had almost every single Capcom arcade fighter. Street Fighter II to Marvel vs Capcom and X-Men vs Street Fighter.

Classic Arcade Basketball

Before electronics, arcade's had games like this. You control the white player who is fed metal balls from the pipe to his left. The yellow player moves from side to side with his hands in the air. You pull the trigger to shoot the ball. Very simple, but pretty fun.

Skeeball Hall

MV Jantzen

The outside of the Skeeball and ticket redemption center at night time.

Gorf - Arcade Game I've Never Seen Before

I've never seen Gorf before. It looked like a Galaga type game. It was constantly making sounds the whole time I was there.

Arcade Shooting Games


More rifles than an NRA Convention.

Nintendo Super System - 3 Games in 1

This arcade game had Super Mario World, F-Zero, and Super Tennis in the same cabinet. It didn't have a joystick but had two controllers that looked similar to an SNES controller.

Penny Bouncy Horses


There were even 30 of those penny horses they have at grocery stores, but not just horses. Every type of airplane, train, car, tiger, elephant, hippo, and dragon you could imagine. When I was there a little boy was methodically riding every single one.


Anonymous said...

Any word if this arcade is on arcade fly?

JJ Hendricks said...

I just checked and it is not part of If anyone wants to add it please do. The official name of the arcade is:

Arcade Amusements
900 Manitou Ave
Manitou Springs, CO 80829

thesimplicity said...

Wow, really cool pictures. Thanks for sharing this.

I was actually stuck in Manitou Springs while traveling due to bad weather a few years back... I wish I had known this place was there!

COmtneer said...

Thanks for the credit & link on the photo. Glad you found and enjoyed the arcade.

thesimplicity: I hope "stuck" was just an unfortunate typo. Clearly you didn't look into everything MS has to offer.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you were joking about Elton John having his own pinball machine - but he was in the movie "Tommy" signing "Pinball Wizard" in huge platfor shoes (see your picture) and after that movie they had the machines with "Captain Fantastic" on them because it was the name of his latest album at the time.

Anonymous said...

I rember this place..i use to vacation to Colordado Springs almost everys summer when i was a little kid, then ended up moving there when i was a freshmen in highschool.and I LOVE this many cool memories

Anonymous said...

The Manitou Arcade Amusements has been around as long as I can remember; the first time I went there I was 7 or 8. the main draw back then was that they had many of the dime, nickel and penny games from the past. It has always been a fun place.

roadsidewonders said...

Wow! Very, very cool find!

Anonymous said...

Gorf! I loved this game! Frog backwards, if that means anything. I saw Galaxian and it seemed to me they copied this. Not sure which was first but it is a great game!

lefloic said...

Wow I love it. I'm actually in the process of opening my own arcade/retro games shop so it's great to see places like that.

Mine won't be this big, at least not right from the start. Maybe in 20 years!

ele1707 said...

There is a bar here in Houston Texas that is called Joystixx.

They have tons of classic Arcades

AUtley said...

You lost me when you said you had never seen Gorf.

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