Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Games Added For 3DO, Atari Lynx, & Intellivision

This week we added games to our database for 3DO, Atari Lynx, and Intellivision.

Our database now has 172 3DO games, 84 Lynx games, and 113 Intellivision games. Not all of them will show up when you visit those system pages because we don't have prices for some of them yet. When we do get prices you will see them in the price list the next day.

We also added the systems to our price list but didn't add any accessories. If you know of some important accessories for these systems please let us know.

The systems are now in the "more consoles" section of the menu.

When we added these items to the database we put them all into the "Action & Adventure" category. If any 3DO, Lynx, or Intellivision fans want to give us the real genre's we would love to change them. Please email us and we will send you a file with all the games for each system so you can add the genres.

Lastly, we want to give a big "Thank You" to Robert Stevens for emailing us a list of all the Atari Lynx games. We appreciate your help making this community better. We are currently working on adding more Jaguar and Game Gear games to the database and adding a new section for Commodore 64. Hopefully we will have those up soon.


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