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20 Rare Nintendo 64 Games | The Most Expensive N64 Games

Only 296 games were made for the Nintendo 64 since it launched in 1996. But quite a few of these games have become rare and sought after by collectors. Below is a list of the most expensive and rare Nintendo 64 games.

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Most Valuable N64 Games

Yoshi's Story International Version

Rare N64 GamesNew Price: N/A | Used Price: $244 | See Current Prices

Yoshi's Story International Version is a demo cartridge made for retail kiosks in North America. All the text of the game is in Japanese but it only works in North American N64's. The cartridge says "Not For Resale" and "International Version" on the front.

Yoshi is the rarest game on the list but the exact number of copies produced is unknown. Because the game looks very similar to the regular Yoshi's Story cover art some sellers list it as the regular version not knowing what they really have.

Clay Fighter Sculptors Cut

Expensive N64 GamesNew Price: N/A | Used Price: $75 | See Current Prices
Clay Fighter Sculptors Cut was a Blockbuster exclusive game and was meant for rental only. The game is an update to the original Clay Fighter 63 1/3 game but with some added characters and a bigger intro scene. Only 20,000 copies were manufactured.

Because the game was a rental only and most rental stores threw away the original cases and manuals, the box and manual for Sculptors Cut are even more rare than the game. Complete copies sell for $220-230.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Valuable N64 GamesNew Price: $172 | Used Price: $48 | See Current Prices
Conker's is a third person action game developed by Rare. It includes lots of language, blood, adult situations, and very funny dialogue. It is critically acclaimed and considered the best graphics and one of the best all around games on the N64.

The game was released the same year the Nintendo 64 was discontinued and sales sufffered because interest in the console and games had decreased. The price for Conker's has steadily increased for the last five years.

Worms Armageddon

Rare Nintendo 64 GamesNew Price: $225 | Used Price: $43 | See Current Prices
Worms Armageddon is a turn based strategy game originally developed for PC but ported over to N64 and various other consoles. You control one of eight worms and must use various weapons likes shotguns, grenades, and bazookas to destroy the opposing worms before they destroy you.

The Nintendo 64 version is the rarest of the different Worms ports. The price for the game has been an almost constant $50 since 2007.

Bomberman Second Attack

Expensive Nintendo 64 GamesNew Price: $300 | Used Price: $37 | See Current Prices
Bomberman Second Attack is a sequel to the original Bomberman 64 game with nearly identical gameplay and features. You must place bombs on a board to strategically destroy enemies and obstacles. It includes single player puzzles and multiply player maps.

The game sold less than the original Bomberman because it released near the end of the N64's lifecycle and was passed over by many retailers.

International Superstar Soccer 2000

Valuable Nintendo 64 GamesNew Price: $400 | Used Price: $38 | See Current Prices
ISS 2000 is the third game on the N64 in the International Superstar Soccer series. The ISS games never included official team or player names but they were the first to have distinctive looks for different players.

The series from Konami was never as successful as the officially licensed FIFA soccer series from Electronic Arts. The 2000 version sold very poorly and is quite rare today.

Harvest Moon

Rare Nintendo 64New Price: $900 | Used Price: $32 | See Current Prices
Harvest Moon is a farm and life simulator. You play a little boy who takes over the family farm and must raise crops, meet the town folks, and start a family. The story is fairly open and your choices about which girl to court and how you win her affections will change the final outcome.

The life/farm simulator genre is very small niche in the USA, but it does have a loyal fan base. Like the SNES version of Harvest Moon, Natsume never produced the game in large quantities.

Ogre Battle: Person of Lordly Caliber

Expensive Nintendo 64New Price: $98 | Used Price: $31 | See Current Prices
Ogre Battle 64 is a real-time strategy game with you controlling a battalion of soldiers. The game was published by Atlus, who is notorious for under producing copies of their games. The Super Nintendo and Playstation Ogre Battle games are some of the rarest games on their consoles as well.

Prices for the game dropped in mid 2010 after the game was made available on the Virtual Console for Wii. It was the first third party game released on the Virtual Console for Nintendo 64.

Mario Party 3

Valuable Nintendo 64New Price: $165 | Used Price: $29 | See Current Prices
Mario Party 3 is the last of the series to be released on the Nintendo 64. It continues the same board game on a video game theme with new board layouts and new mini-games to play.

Mario Party 3 was one of the last games released for the N64 and sold much less than the first two, but still sold close to a million units. The game is valuable because it is so popular, not because it is hard to find.

Zelda Ocarina of Time Collectors Edition

Rare N64 GamesNew Price: $255 | Used Price: $27 | See Current Prices
The Collector's Edition of Zelda Ocarina of Time was sold at the launch of the game. It didn't include any additional items or cost anything extra but it was only available at launch. The cartridge was gold and the game box was a shiny gold with the words "Collector's Edition" written on it.

This version is harder to find than the regular version and fetches a bit of a premium as well.

Zelda Majora's Mask Collector's Edition

New Price: $157 | Used Price: $31 | See Current Prices
Zelda Majora's Mask Collector's Edition is a gold cartridge with a holographic cover. The game is the exact same as the regular edition.

The Collector's Edition was the only version available at launch so it is very widely available and almost the same price as the regular version (see below).

Zelda Majora's Mask

New Price: $130 | Used Price: $26 | See Current Prices
The same game as the Collector's Edition listed above, but the cartridge cover art is a flat image instead of a holgraphic image.

Both versions sold so many copies and are so similar in physical characteristics that they sell for nearly identical prices when cartridge only or complete.

Starcraft 64

New Price: $200 | Used Price: $25 | See Current Prices
Starcraft 64 is a real-time strategy game for the Nintendo 64. You control an army and must move your troops and equipment around and destroy the enemies and take control of their bases.

The genre has never been very popular on consoles so it was produced in very small quanities and is one of the harder N64 games to find.

Snowboard Kids 2

New Price: $299 | Used Price: $23 | See Current Prices
Snowboard Kids 2 is a snowboarding game published by Atlus. The game includes a Story mode, training mode, and battle mode, which also includes multiplayer. You race down the mountain with different challenges and try to get the best times.

Like many other Atlus cartridge games, Snowboard Kids 2 was produced in very small quantities and never republished.

Castlevania Legacy of Darkness

Rare N64New Price: $300 | Used Price: $22 | See Current Prices
Castlevania Legacy is a sequel to Castlevania 64. The main game is a new 3D Castlevania but the cartridge also includes a remade version of the original Castlevania 64 with improved graphics and new villians.

This sequel came out only 10 months after the original N64 Castlevania game. It sold much worse than the original because it was too close between releases. Many people feel the Legacy version of the game is a more complete Castlevania game.

Other Expensive N64 Games

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The list is ranked by the highest average used price and then highest average new price in the event of a tie.

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Anonymous said...

Great article, but...

340? Where did you get that number?

There were 296 games released in North America. There were 84 games released only in Japan, 4 only in PAL regions, and 3 J/PAL only games (Rakuga Kids, Smash Court Tennis, and Air Boarders 64).

That is 387 officially released games...

Anonymous said...

Batman Beyond didn't make the list?

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - we were counting a bunch of hardware in that initial number. Sorry for the confusion. I grabbed the number from the wrong place in our system.

I have corrected the article to reflect the correct 296 NTSC game total.

Anonymous said...

i have international 2000,,,any one interested

Robbie Morrissey said...

You missed out Airboarder 64 , that is an extremely rare game boxed.

JJ Hendricks said...

@Robbie - thanks for the comment. Airboarder was never released in the USA, only Japan and PAL regions. My list focused on the NTSC versions of games.

Anonymous said...

Conkers a platformer not a first person shooter.

ben said...

anyone know about beetle adventure racing yellow cart?

Chaz said...

Where's Paper Mario or Smash Brothers? I know for a fact they're up in the $25-$30 range.

Unknown said...


Over here in ausrtalia,

Someone bought paper mario on the n64,finally went for $510. And Smash Bros went for $390 i believe.

Any chance a Pal Version of rare games,they seem to be worth alot more as less are made in PAL.

Anonymous said...

As a regular collector and ebayer, I can say that all these games are $10.00 or more higher than the current used prices for basically every listed game. Even more for the higher end games.. Sculptors cut for ex. in used good condition is $100.00-125.00 but often times goes for even more.

Anonymous said...

So prices are a risin'! good period to have been a collector for sure.

Anonymous said...

There is a pal version of conkers bad fur day unopened up for sale on eBay for close to $1,200

Unknown said...

Hello JJ, I would like to send some pictures of a game that I have in my collection. it's a Pokemon Stadium in a very special pack. I want to know how valuable this item is, but I can not find anything equal and sealed around the net. Can you help me with that? here in Brazil this is known as an ultra rare item, due to the extinct partnership between Nintendo and Gradiente. Waiting for your reply, thanks ;)

JJ Hendricks said...

@cassio - Please use the contact link in the footer to send me an email with a picture of this item. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I have Zelda ocarina of time collectors edition

Anonymous said...

i have majoras mask collectors edition

Anonymous said...

Have Mario party 2 for sale $15. 909 703 2213

Text me. Moreno valley, CA.

Anonymous said...

I recently picked up Starcraft 64 cart only at a Goodwill for about 3.99

Anonymous said...

Killer Instinct Gold is kind of rising lately maybe because of the reboot?, Great game tho.

Anonymous said...

I have conker and ocarina of time collector's edition

Anonymous said...

I have Pokemon Stadium 2

Unknown said...

Um I have a golden copy of mario party 2 if that's rare

Anonymous said...

GAUNTLET LEGENDS is a $20 and change game i was totally surprised! i loved that game.

Unknown said...

I have a boxed copy of airboarder 64 pal its in good condition.. How much would it be worth?

Unknown said...

Just got a sealed copy of Pokemon Stadium :) will go good with my sealed copy of pokemon snap :)

Anonymous said...

I have both collector edition of OoT and Majora's Mask Holographic version

Unknown said...

If I can type half of these games into Ebay and 100 plus copies pop up, are they really rare or just sought after?

xXxDylanxXx said...

I have an Super Mario 64 6 years and up, never seen one like it

Brotherhood o' Steel said...

So did this guy KMACK TIME get permission to use your list?
Or did he just rip it off (Proof:/watch?v=H0jEobtoP80)
It's like a word for word copy.

JJ Hendricks said...

He did not ask for permission. Thanks for letting me know about this.

Supernerdtendoh! said...

I will extend an olive branch onto thee.

Harold Burton said...

This top 25 sucks!!! even if you made a poll, what people think about games because they remember and an expert opinion from reviewers are totally different thing. To say that both earth worm jim are above super castlevania 4 or that final fantasy 3/6 doesn't even hit the top 10 is blasphemy. That dk is better than dk2 shame on ya, that mk1 made the cut is ridiculous lmao. Star fox is all hype since it did a lot in the graphical department and push the hardware to something that might be somewhat impossible however the gameplay is not even that fun(not saying is bad either).If you ask me for a top 5 i could easily say:The Legend of Zelda - A link to the Past Chrono Trigger Super Metroid Final Fantasy 3/6 Donkey Kong Country 2 tied with Mario Kart

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