Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NBA Jam Wii Hands-On

This will be a quick hands-on for one very simple reason, you've played this game before. When it comes to re-creations, NBA Jam (exclusively for Wii) is a great one. The game has the same great feel that the previous game did but with updated graphics, rosters, and modes.

The developer on hand in Nintendo's booth claims there are 100's of unlockables to obtain and every single one from the previous game should be available as well. I asked about Obama being a new unlockable, much like Clinton before, and he could not confirm. All he could do was inform me they are doing all they can to get every unlockable character we all feel are necessary. Obama in NBA Jam confirmed!!!! (I kid, I kid).

But in all seriousness, this game is fun. We played a great 2 on 2 match and immediately after finishing decided we're throwing a VGPC NBA Jame tourny in November when the game is supposed to be released.


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