Friday, June 25, 2010

Unexpected Down Time

One of the servers that runs VGPC experienced some hardware problems a couple nights ago. Attempts to fix the server failed causing four hours of down time this morning (you may have seen the server maintenance message).

We've now migrated the affected code to a new server and everything appears to be working correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Christopher said...

>> Attempts to fix the server failed

Why is an image popping in to my head of JJ sat at a PC, donning his zelda hat then randomly hitting a few buttons and waving a wand, giving up and sighing "Damn. I have failed VGPC. We're fucked." :|

JJ Hendricks said...

@christopher - Do you have a camera in our office? That is a very close description to how things work in the VGPC offices. Luckily, after my "wand waving" fails, we have a very good programmer who can trouble shoot all this stuff.

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